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new Godfather releases!

Godfather have announced their September roster of titles.  Paul McCartney Figures Of ’88 (GR 548/549) features the unreleased Return To Pepperland album along with a rare live appearance in 1986.

Pink Floyd Live At Free Concert (GR 550) at the Free Concert festival Free Concert, Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on June 26th, 1971.  This is the show’s silver pressed debut. 

Joy Division I’m Not Afraid Anymore (GR 551) contains various appearances in 1979 and 1980.

Bob Dylan Live At The Hop Farm Festival documents his appearance at the event on July 3rd, 2010 and also contains various bonus tracks from the last European tour. 

Kiss Drive You Crazy! (GR 554) contains Kiss’ show recorded live at Fairground Pavilion, Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 13, 1975 along with various bonus tracks including the studio outtake “(Ain’t The)Smoke.” 

Iron Maiden Metal For Muthas (GR 555) contains the Rainbow Theatre, London show on June 20th, 1980.

Deep Purple German Explosion (GR 556/557) has the April 10th, 1971 Offenbach Germany show on CD for the first time (and I do believe this is Godfather’s first Deep Purple title as well).

And finally U2 The Prodigal Son (GR 558/559) has the 360º Tour opener in Turin, Italy, on August 6th, 2010. 

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  1. I’m sure a review of the new Floyd is forthcoming however I wanted to mention that I’m very surprised (In A Good Way) at the sound quality of this one and found the performance fantastic. This sounds very natural to my ears. Godfather also did a excellent job with packaging including a nice insert that explains more about this concert. Alex who wrote some nice liner notes if you’re reading this keep up the great work. Excellent debut for a silver release!!!

  2. @eric99 the KISS show is a fantastic soundboard recording of their last concerts opening up for another band, Rare Earth. Full show! Next to that the bonus tracks are fun, next to ‘(Ain’t The) Smoke’ a 1975 studio outtake there is a 1974 song as well, ‘Mistake’, haven’t heard better versions yet. Two live bonus tracks are from the soundboard recording of Hammond 1974.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Thanks AA..I’ll have to check out Godfather’s version.

  4. Hmmm, sory, I might missed it since daily I am browsing through several titles but this is definitely an upgrade imho.

  5. “Wring That Neck” is included on Darker Than Blue’s version. It is the last track on disc 3.

  6. Deep Purple’s title is far more complete, it includes “Wring That Neck” that is omitted from Darjer Than Blue version. Also the quality is slightly more acceptable if not great here.

  7. Any chance of a review on the KISS set? I’d like to read before I decide to buy it.

  8. Yep, DTB 069/070 already had a pretty good review. This GFR release might be interesting but from a sounding point of view, or just the fact that it will certainly be cheaper than the existing release (although the 3 CD set from DTB has more music from another gig on CD 1).

  9. Unless Godfather found a new source, the Deep Purple show just recently appeared on the Darker Than Blue title, “Live In Germany”, reviewed here at CMR.

  10. Wow what a variety of releases!!!
    I’m anxious to hear these all and probably will start with the “Deep Purple” debut first!!! Exciting times just around the corner!!!

  11. Hop Farm is from a previously uncirculating tape in better quality that what is currently available.

  12. The Pink Floyd is from an audience recording.

  13. Does anybody know if the Pink Floyd Amsterdam concert comes from a radio broadcast, soundboard or audience source…?

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