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New Led Zeppelin on Boogie Mama and Steely Dan on Master Note

Boogie Mama are busy this season with several interesting new Led Zeppelin releases.  The Alts & Takes series focus upon alternate versions and outtakes from several distinct eras.  Alternates & Outtakes I & II Volume 1 is a one disc title which focuses upon material from the first two albums in 1969.  

Led Zeppelin Alts & Takes VOL 2 (LZ 3) is a one disc collection drawn from the material for Led Zeppelin III in 1970.   

Led Zeppelin Alts & Takes VOL 3 (LZ 4 & Physical Graffiti) is a one disc set with material from the fourth album in 1971 and Physical Graffiti in 1974.  

The Master Note label released Steely Dan Live At The Rainbow from the May 20th, 1974 show in London.  

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  1. I wonder if the Zep titles will offer anything new. The Steely Dan is available on WG Vault but it will be great to get this on a silver. The show on the Vault looks like it is over 80 minutes. Does anyone know if this is a single or double disc?

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