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Pink Floyd Definitive Boredom And Pain (Sigma 65) covers the June 27th, 1977 Boston show.  The Lampiski tape released on Legendary End is used for the first 25 seconds, and the Hopkins tape which was used for Siréne’s Boredom And Pain (Siréne – 159) fills the rest. 

Who’s On First? is the first silver pressing of The Who’s March 21st, 1976 Anaheim show. 

A Concert For Killing Cancer, a 2CD document of the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London charity on January 13th, 2011 and featuring music by Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry and The Who.

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  1. I own HAVE A CIGAR, on Cannoball and I really like it. As I don’t own any of the others, cannot make any comparison, but I can say I’m pretty pleased with it.

  2. Having ‘revisited’ both ‘Perfect End’ and ‘Boredom and Pain’ earlier today, I’m not sure quite why I pretty well ranked them evenly. Possibly it was the fact I’d paid such a lot for ‘PE’ (double what I’d paid for ‘BAP’ 4.5 years earlier), but today my vote definitely goes to the Hopkins tape of ‘BAP’ – vocals more to the fore is a definite winner with me. ‘Have A Cigar’ (Cannonball CA-2004015/16, Hopkins tape) may be preferable to my ears to ‘BAP’, you know…

  3. Thanks for the info gs: extrremely helpful, my friend. If one doesn’t have either Boredom And Pain or Perfect End, then Definitive BAP is certainly a worthy purchase. However, owning both, – as many of us now do, I’m sure – I won’t be coughing up for it. In retrospect, I wouldn’t miss Perfect End, but since I bought it…

  4. I am a huge Pink Floyd fan and I think Definitive Boredom And Pain is a bit too much for me as well. I have both the original Boredom And Pain on Sirene and Perfect End on Sigma (both excellent titles)which is plenty for me. I do understand releasing the different sources from the same family of labels but all the rehash and “definitive upgrades” lately really doesn’t interest me.

  5. I did further checking into Definitive Boredom and Pain. Sigma edit the Lampinski tape for the first 25 seconds of the show, and then revert to the Hopkins tape. I know we can be extreme completists but this is a bit too much for me. I don’t like Pink Floyd that much to really follow what Sigma is doing. I’m looking forward to Godfather’s Rainbow 1972 boxset myself.

  6. I’m confused. Was not ‘Perfect End’ (Sigma 64, ie the title preceding this one), as mentioned on new releaess Nov 29th, utilising the Lampinski Boston June 27th tape? Are Sigma issuing a ‘definitive’ version of THAT now?

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