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new Led Zeppelin on Scorpio

Scorpio released Crossroads From New Orleans, featuring the May 14 1973 New Orleans soundboard with the excellent audience tape used to fill in the gaps.  It looks like a wholly unnecessary release since this has been out many times before.  We still need a good, affordable title featuring the excellent audience tape which is superior to the soundboard. 

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  1. I’m all for a new release of a commonly see show IF the mastering or EQ is done tastefully. This show starts out rough but by Dazed and Confused it becomes an excellent concert and the end is tremendous , IMO. I would like to know if Scorpio did a good job with the soundboard tape. Godfather almost got it right but they used too much noise reduction.

  2. My version of the New Orleans show is the old Johnny Piston & The Dogs release which unusually put the last 3 numbers at the start of disc 1. I think this was done to get the whole show on just 2 discs making it a slightly unusual listeneing experience. Similarly, Great Dane’s release of Fort Worth (I think) on Thunder Rock doubled the length of D&C by reproducing it twice over. At least today’s boot labels don’t go in for this sort of thing nowadays.

  3. Bottom line: Even in sbd quality this is not a great show. If you are looking for great shows from the first part of the 73 tour AND in sbd quality stick to Mobile or Ft. Worth. The quality on both is really good and both are excellent ( though sadly incomplete) performances).
    Let the Butterqueen butter you up!!!!

  4. Brian I agree with you 100% in that there are much more interesting rare titles for labels to reissue. I for one appreciate that the Dog N Cats label is reissuing some of the old out of print VGP Stones titles as I finally have the chance to buy a silver disc copy…

    But I also wonder how many fans would actually buy the reissue of a poor sounding audience recording just because it is rare and out of print. Personally as I get older, with so many good sounding tapes out there, I just don’t have the time or patience to sit through a bad sounding tape as I did when I was younger. And I can’t afford to buy every thing on silver disc so I would rather invest in a good sounding show then one I would not listen to very often.

    So maybe the labels feel there just won’t be a market for bad sounding reissues? They have to make money and with the advent of file sharing that is not as easy as it once was…..

    Also agree with you GS..Some of the reissues are head scratchers. It would be interesting to know what the thought process the labels use when picking titles to reissue as it is hard to believe there is any need or demand for another release of the Zep LTTE title but my feeling is there is no harm in it and it makes it more readliy available to the average collector….Just a thought…….

  5. Blighty would be a good one to reissue. I still haven’t heard those tapes yet because that title sold out very fast.

    To address Pharoah, we’re not getting worked up over the matter. But it does seem strange the same Zeppelin shows seem to keep coming out. To be fair to Scorpio, they have put out some good titles in the past year like Second Night In The Forum. But by the tolken, when we’re speaking about New Orleans 1973 the audience tape is great sounding and only available in two expensive and out of print six disc sets. And the better of the two, Tarantura’s The Witch Queen, is mega expensive (EV botched their release and is worthless).

  6. I bet there is at least one more label interested in releasing these pieces…

  7. I, for one, don’t get ALL worked up (only a little), but it does seem like a waste of effort & resources to a collector like myself… after all, this show was JUST issued by Godfather about a week ago #:-o

    Boils down to priorities… I’d personally rather see someone tackle a more neglected show (which Godfather surely HAS done with their Pink Floyd releases). Labels will continuously reissue the best sounding tapes, but how about something that’s only come out once in a super expensive edition? …say the sources issued on ‘Blighty’ or ‘When A Glass Was Thrown’ by T2K. Yes, the SQ isn’t good, but at least those haven’t been recooked 20 times… I’d certainly buy ’em over another ‘Crossroads *Form* New Orleans’.

  8. I tend to agree with Pharaoh on this one, even though I, too, already have these recordings. The frustration seem to be being expressed by those who have this already, but that assumes others already do, too. The releases of these sweet recordings by Tarantura (the definitive Witch Queen), and Empress Valley’s version, are probably impossible to find. So what’s the downside to a new collector who hasn’t yet heard this? It presents nothing of interest to me, but it’ll likely please the listener who picks it up and then hears this for the first time.

  9. Not trying to break anyones stones but I am curious as to why people get all worked up about labels recycling the same shows over and over? Hasn’t our hobby been like this forever? especially with Led Zep titles where there is not much new stuff escaping the hoarders vaults? It gives collectors another option for a particular show and I have to believe the labels must be making enough to keep up this practice and it gives them income to keep them going so what’s the big deal?? Just curious…

  10. Ah, sometimes I really don’t understand… the umpteenth version …why? Ah!

  11. I guess Scorpio read your comment and corrected their mistake.

  12. unbelievable..this is waste release

  13. Uh… the title reads “Crossroads *Form* New Orleans”…

    Just sayin’… ;-)

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