new Paul McCartney on Strange Apple Records

Strange Apple released a second volume of Paul McCartney outtakes and rarities.  Ageless Music Anthology 2 (SAR-018A/018B) contains the following tracks:

DISC:1 (1974-1976) 01.Country Dreamer (The Backyard Tape) 02.Twenty Flight Rock (The Backyard Tape) 03.Down By The River〜Great Day (The Backyard Tape)04.Sweet Little Sixteen (The Backyard Tape) 05.Rock Show (Outtake) 06.Letting Go (Rough Mix) 07 Listen To What The Man Said (Rough Mix)08.Treat Her Gently / Lonely Old People (Rough Mix) 09.Crossroads Theme (Rough Mix) 10.Treat Her Gently / Lonely Old People (Rough Mix) 11.Ou Est Le Soleil (Studio Demo) 12.The Note You Never Wrote (Rough Mix) 13.She’s My Baby (Take1)(Rough Mix) 14.She’s My Baby (Version 2)(Rough Mix)15.Beware My Love (Instrumental)(Acetate) 16.Beware My Love (Alternate Vocal)(Rough Mix) 17.Wino Junko (Rough Mix) 18.Silly Love Songs (Rough Mix)19.Time to Hide (Instrumental) (Rough Mix) 20.Must Do Something About It (Paul on vocals) 21.Oobu Joobu(Studio Demo)

DISC:2 (1976-1978) 01 .Super Big Heatwave(Old Siam Sir)(Studio Demo) 02. Suicide(1977 Studio Demo) 03. Love Awake(1977 Studio Demo) 04. Sea Melody (Home Demo)05. A Fairly Tale (Home Demo) 06. Backwards Traveller (Studio Demo) 07.After You’ve Gone (Studio Demo) 08. I’m Carrying (Rough Mix) 09. With A Little Luck (Rough Mix) 10. I’ve Had Enough (Rough Mix)11. Morse Moose and the Grey Goose(Instrumental) (Rough Mix)12. Mull of Kintyre (Rough Mix) 13. Did We Meet Somewhere Before? (Rough Mix)14. Same Time Next Year (Rough Mix)15. It Seems Like Old Time (Piano Demo) 16. It Seems Like Old Time (Piano Demo) 17. SMA (Studio Demo)18. Rupert Song (Version 1)(Acetate)19. The Castle Of The King Of The Birds(Acetate) 20. Sunshine Sometime(Acetate) 21. Sea Melody(Acetate) 22. Rupert Song (Version 2)(Acetate)

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