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New Tarantura and Dog n Cat releases.

Only recently the two Japanese labels announced their new releases ..


“The Rock Spirit In Asakusa” is a Mr. Peach recording of Whitesnake’s show in the Asakusa Kokusai Gekijo in Tokyo, Japan on the 22nd of June, 1981.


On the labels ‘budget’ sideline “Live at The LA Forum” is their version of Jimi Hendrix’s show at the L.A. Forum in Inglewood, California on Saturday the 25th April, 1970 with the Cry Of Love band. The show has seen release numerous times before but it is one of the best recordings available from the group.


The Dog n Cat label have “Steel Wheels Tokyo Final”. The same show that the No Label folks released recently but apparently with better (or at least comparable) sound. It features possibly the worst photo taken of Ronnie on the cover too .. 


And last but not least they have a version of the Stones Glastonbury show from earlier this year. Nearly everyone has had a shot at releasing the show, this one comes from the satellite feed that was captured and presumably sounds just like the Godfather release which was based on the video and BBC FM broadcast.

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  1. Personally, I’m very happy with Rattle Snake’s Enjoy Jimi Hendrix release.

  2. Whitesnake. 1981. Tarantura. Mr Peach. Surely that’s going to be a winner?

  3. No worries Stuart, it is a great 1970 Hendrix show and anyone who has interest in Hendrix should pick up this new release if they don’t already have this show as the performance is excellent and the available audience recordings very listenable. Besides I want to get a review to see if it is an upgrade on what is already out there!

  4. No, I didn’t mean to write soundboard, sorry.
    I was trying to juggle a couple of jobs at once. It has, however, served to bring the attention to this tape by default. It’s a shame the the Hendrix soundboard well appears to be dry but sometimes his sound also lends itself to something a little less fidelity.

  5. Thanks for the info wgpsec. a better audience source would be nice but if this is truly a SB recording it would be an amazing find as that show is one of Jimi’s better 1970 performances.

  6. From what I could find there are 4 audience sources for the Hendrix show. Source 3 is supposed to have more bass than the others and has been recently cleaned up but I have not heard that version yet. I guess it remains to be seen(or heard)which source Tarantura are using. A SB from this show would be a much welcomed surprise if it were to surface.

  7. Are you sure the Hendrix LA Forum release is a SB recording? The almost complete, missing one or two songs if I remember correctly to fit on 1 CD, 1969 LA Forum show was officially released as part of the Lifelines 4CD box set but to my knowledge the 1970 Forum show has only surfaced as listenable audience recording (IMHO). I have the Rattlesnake release “Enjoy Jimi” which is a matrix of two audience tapes and it is listenable, G+ to VG- IMHO, but not near SB quality. If this really is a SB then it is something to get excited about. But if it is the old audience tape people will be disappointed if they are expecting SB quality or even VG audience quality.

    Here is a description of the Rattlesnake title from the vivalesbootleg website where they rate it VG+. I don’t know about that but it is an excellent show and the 2 source AUD matrix is a very good listen for Hendrix fans:

    Notes: Jimi’s sublime LA Forum 1970 show has been making the rounds in record stores on this boot cd released last month. Obviously someone ripped of a fan’s painstaking work to merge the “far” and “near” source, pressed it up on some silvers, made some nice artwork based on the original “Enjoy Jimi Hendrix” Coca-Cola motiff bootleg and is charging $25 a pop. No money to Jimi’s family or a legit record label, just pure profit, pure ripoff. So here it is for free, to be shared and enjoyed, as Jimi would have wanted. Nice merge here, this is not a soundboard but Jimi’s guitar almost sounds like it was patched in at times, it’s that clear. His vocals less so, and Billy’s bass and Mitch’s drums even less!!! What to say about this show, it’s spectacular!!! The band is well rehearsed for the fist show of the tour, and what balls to start in LA, but they come through. The “far” source is exactly that, but sounds less so in the merge. The near source is lifted from the Rubber Dubber bootleg of the show…somehow the two compliment each other. Hats off to the original fan who merged these

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