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Cosmic Energy, one of the greatest DVD labels in the world, has released Led Zeppelin First Class Ticket.  This is a 2 Bluray disc (1920 x 1080) documenting the final Earls Court concert in 1975.  This is a limited edition and comes with a foldout poster.  

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  1. Hager – Royal Orleans confirms the review stated above….I am not suprised. There is nothing to aplogize about EV releases…

  2. Thanks for your observations, Hager. You must feel strongly if you’re compelled to offer any kind of praise to Empress Valley.

    CMR will have a full review of this title soon.

  3. Caveat emptor, fellow Zep collectors. The discs are indeed DVD-Rs with printer labels affixed (!), and the visuals are not a noticeable upgrade from what we’ve already seen from Toasted/Condor and (dare I say) Empress Valley. In fact, those other titles may be superior. Unless this whole concert’s footage is released commercially, there appears to be no legitimate reason to continue to spend hard earned money on rehashes such as this.

  4. We may have a review of this title. But I’m not sure. I’ll keep you all posted.

  5. That’s why I have opted to stay away and leave my collection with the EV DVD title Demand Unprecednted – it was pretty good.

  6. This is a hoax. This show was shot on VIDEO and unless you have the master footage on film and have it digitally scanned at the 1080 size it’s not worth it. Doing video to bluray is useless, it’s marginally better and since Cosmic Energy doesn’t own the master tapes it’s propably simply a DVD/VHS upgrade put on Blu Ray. Where are the reviews of this one by a knowlegable person?

  7. Thanks everyone!

  8. As far as I know it is not a pressed DVD, it is just a DVD-R .

  9. Yes, this is a Bluray ONLY release.

  10. Agree the CE releases are good – proof is in the Page/Plant Bucharest DVD as well as others. I found in the Court of King James by EV to be good for the 5/24/75 show but I only purchased the regular DVD format – not the Blu Ray. This takes me back to my first post above and that is if this new CE DVD is only avaialable in Blu Ray? Thanks all!

  11. It verges on libel to put Cosmic Energy in the same breath as the scandalous and routinely deceptive Empress Valley. That said, this is very exciting news! CMR continues to provide invaluable scoops.

  12. I hope EV leaves this alone. Their Bluray of the 05/24/75 show is excellent until the end of No Quarter and then the rest of it is inferior quality for the rest of the show, complete with missing chunks of songs. A real hatchet job.

  13. Bluray only? Will EV follow with their own? They just did the 5/24/75v show in Bluray and regular DVD (Court of King James).

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