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New releases

Led Zeppelin Sequence Of Events (no label) is a six disc set featuring the June 19th San Diego and June 21st, 1977 show in Los Angeles.  Both have been issued many times in the past and we’ll see how they compare to the best versions.

Black Sabbath Headless In Russia is a no label 2DVD title with Olympic Hall, Moscow, Russia 19th-28th November 1989 from pro-shot sources and promises to be an upgrade.

The Who Springfield 1975 is a 2CD release with the December 14th, 1975 Springfield, MA show sourced from an excellent quality Dan Lampinski tape.

And Dog N Cat released Paris Results (DAC-103).  This contains outtakes from the late seventies utilizing the sources used on Paris Results (OBR) & Better Results (OBR).

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  1. Anybody know anything about the Who 2cd set supposedly coming with a bonus DVD?

  2. ok, now I’m really going to sound like a nerd. Yes, the arrowhead pendant and the beaded choker is a dead give away. Zeppelin wore the same outfits for entire tours with some deviations here and there.

  3. Are you sure? Do you know which 1975 show? I thought it was Plant in 1977: brown blouse, the pedant and that silver necklace.

  4. that cover for “Sequence of Events” would have been really nice had they chose to include a 1977 image of Plant.

    The Zep geek in me knows the one used is clearly from 1975.


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