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A rare T.Rex silver Budokan 1973contains the Budokan show on October 25th, 1973

Whitesnake Live…In The West Of The Rhine contains the March 19th, 1983 show from Ludwigshafen, Germany on 2CD and a DVD).

Black Sabbath Last Gig With Ray is a 2CD title with the Royal Centre, Nottingham, UK show on June 4th,  1986

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  1. Whitesnake ‘Live… In The Heart Of the Rhine’ (2CD +DVD) is an upgrade on the previous (European) silver release, ‘Reptile Kiss’ (CD, Great Live Records GLR 9240). Firstly, it includes ‘Lovehunter’, plus the solo spot from Messrs Moody and Hodgkinson, which add about 11 mins to the RT. Secondly, it is a better audio, albeit slightly more hissy. The new release has a brighter sound, without being brash; comparing the releases on Audacity, LITHOTR has a greater dynamic range, and there is no clipping.

    The video-footage is excellent, and I would imagine it comes from a relatively recent rebroadcast: there is very little colour-bleed from the red spotlights, which I always to be the biggest clue as to whether high or low generation. That it comes from a videotape-source is evidenced by the occasional slight disturbance at the very bottom of the picture, but I do not recall seeing any drop-outs. This set cost me a considerable sum, yet I still feel I have got my money’s worth.

  2. Last Gig with Ray’ was originally released by Langley in, IIRC, 2004, with the catalogue number Langley-277. It seems this new release uses the same source tape (‘Special thanks Crazy S.’ is a credit on the rear insert of both titles) and may be a straight reissue. If that’s the case, it’ll have excellent audience-sorced SQ, with a few cuts coincident with a tape-flip on a C90 tape. The sleeve is, however, different, and, unfortunately, uses two 1987 images of Iommi, that were taken for a ‘Kerrang!’ interview. I’m pretty sure the Gillen image was from his time in Badlands, actually.

  3. Yes, if anyone picks up T-Rex, please sumbit a review to us. There is a lot of interest in this one.

  4. any one got the t.rex boot yet…

  5. Total Christmas with the T.Rex …very exciting!!!!!!

  6. Thats a surprise to see a T.Rex release. It should be a good show from a period before he started to lose his way a little.

  7. The Whitesnake looks interesting. I’m a fan of this era and might have to seek this out!!!

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