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Pink Floyd Nassau 1975 Day 2 (Sigma 43) is a three disc set of the June 17th, 1975 show from the Nassau Coliseum.   

Three Yardbirds In The Hall (Beano-023) is a four disc set containing the September 20th and 21st 1983 ARMS and Prince’s Trust sets from the Royal Albert Hall. 

The Nice Fillmore West 1969 (Virtuoso 069) is a one disc set with the December 12th, 1969 show in San Fransisco when they opened for King Crimson. 

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  1. Well, 2 more Ayanami have been removed from my list with the announcement of Sigma 41 and 42…some obvious items remain for Sigma to tackle for sure however. Looking forward to these nonetheless…my favorite era still!

  2. Here’s my list of the ones that came to mind the most for me –

    Copenhagen 1967-09-13
    Southampton Univ. 1969-05-09
    Paris 1970-01-23
    Birmingham 1970-02-11
    Lund 1970-03-20
    Stuttgart 1970-11-26
    Amsterdam 1971-06-26
    Quebec 1971-11-10
    Tokyo 1972-03-06 (the audience recording – not the radio broadcast)
    New York 1972-05-02
    Boeblingen 1972-11-15
    Chicago 1973-03-07
    Vienna 1973-10-13
    London 1973-11-04 (both early & late shows)
    Colmar 1974-06-22
    Vancouver 1975-04-08
    Los Angeles 1975-04-27
    Landover 1975-06-09
    Los Angeles 1980-02-07
    Los Angeles 1980-02-13
    New York 1980-02-25
    London 1980-08-07
    Dortmund 1981-02-15
    London 1981-06-15
    Off the Wall – Special Radio Construction

    Most of ’em would be upgrades of previous releases already listed by Plomerus above, but a few of them aren’t and have known upgrades that have gone into circulation not long ago, and there’s also a couple or so that have not yet been available on factory-pressed silver (or gold).

  3. Very thorough Plomerus, and appreciated!

  4. If Sigma is going through the archives and eliminating older releases these are the ones remaining for Ayanami, Highland, and STTP:

    Ayanami-038 Pink Floyd [ HEAVY FOG IN BRISTOL ] The Hippodrome, Bristol, UK 12/14/74

    Ayanami-059 Pink Floyd [ ECHOES FROM DARKNESS ] Rosemont, Horizon, Chicago, IL. USA 9/25/87

    Ayanami-075 Pink Floyd [ FLASHBACK ] Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 3/2/88 + Gilmour and Waters bonus tracks

    Ayanami-115 Pink Floyd [ TORINO 1994 SOUNDBOARD ] Torino, Italy 9/13/94 **New Amity Upgrade, but no silver**

    Ayanami-125 Pink Floyd [ THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY ] Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London, UK 4/14/69 + Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK 6/26/69 >

    Ayanami-142 Pink Floyd [ BATH ] Bath Festival, Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK 6/27/70
    **Upgraded by Godfather, but not Sigma**

    Ayanami-158 Pink Floyd [ CONSEQUENTLY ] Niedersachsenhalle, Hanover, Germany 3/15/70

    Ayanami-189 Pink Floyd [ KILLESBURG HALLE 14 ] Killesburg Halle 14, Stuttgart, Germany 11/26/70

    Ayanami-190 Pink Floyd [ AT FREE CONCERT 1971 ] Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam, Holland 6/26/71 >

    Ayanami-212 Pink Floyd [ RAINBOW DAY 1 ] Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 2/17/72

    Ayanami-213 Pink Floyd [ RAINBOW DAY 2 ] Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 2/18/72

    Ayanami-221 Pink Floyd [ LIVE AT TECHNICAL COLLEGE ] Technical College, Hampshire, UK 2/12/71

    Ayanami-227 Pink Floyd [ ALAN’S PSYCHEDELIC MASTER TAPE ] City Hall, Sheffield, UK 12/22/70

    Ayanami-234 Pink Floyd [ HEAVY RAIN ] Milwaukee, WI. USA 6/22/75

    HL039/040#PF2 Pink Floyd [ QUAD MIX AND DEFF MIX TAPE ] Alternate mixes of the “Wish You Were Here” album

    HL163/164/165 Pink Floyd [ OVER THE EUROPEAN ] Praterstadion, Vienna, Austria 7/1/88

    HL176/177 Pink Floyd [ PINK’s PSYCHEDELIC LAST NIGHT ] City Hall, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK 12/22/70

    HL194 Pink Floyd [ BESET BY CREATURES OF THE DEEP ] Southampton University, Hampshire, UK 5/9/69

    HL195 Pink Floyd [ THE JOURNEY THROUGH THE PAST ] Plumpton Racecourse, East Sussex, UK 8/8/69 + Pepperland Auditorium, San Rafael, CA. USA 10/17/70

    HL206/207 Pink Floyd [ ECLIPSED BY THE MOON ] Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK 1/21/72 + The Dome, Brighton,UK 1/20/72

    HL208/209 Pink Floyd [ THE AMAZING PUDDING ] Town Hall, Birmingham, UK 2/11/70 + Audimax TU, Berlin, Germany 3/13/70 + Akademiska Foreningens, Stora Sal, Lund, Sweden 3/20/70

    HL219/220 Pink Floyd [ ILLUSIONS OF CHILDHOOD’S END ] The Amphitheater, Chicago, IL. USA 3/7/73 + Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO. USA 3/6/73 + The Fieldhouse, University of Cincinnati, OH. USA 3/8/73

    HL226 Pink Floyd [ LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ] Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 11/4/73

    HL269/270 Pink Floyd [ LABYRINTHS ] Pavillion de la Jeunesse, Quebec, Canada 11/10/71

    HL276/277 Pink Floyd [ VAULTING AMBITION ] Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL. USA 6/29/73

    HL281 Pink Floyd [ REMEMBERANCE OF THINGS PAST ] Palais des Sports de L’ile de la Jatte, St Ouen, France 12/1/72

    HL282 Pink Floyd [ THE MASSED GADGETS OF AUXIMINES ] Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 4/14/69

    HL513/514 Pink Floyd [ DELUSIONS OF MATURITY ] Stadium du nord, Villeneuve, D’Ascq, Lille, France 7/28/88

    HL559/560 Pink Floyd [ SHINE ON PARIS ] Parc Des Expositions, Colmar, France 6/22/74

    HL571/572 Pink Floyd [ DARK SIDE LAST TOUR ] Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA. USA 4/10/75

    HL573 Pink Floyd [ BRITISH WINTER TOUR ] Empire Theater, Liverpool Merseyside, Lancashire, UK 11/28/74

    HL591/592 Pink Floyd [ THE LUNATICS ON THE RUN ] Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria 10/13/73

    HL600 Pink Floyd [ THE ROUGH CUT ] Demos from The Final Cut album, speed-corrected

    HL609/610 Pink Floyd [ NOTHING PARTS 1 TO 24 ] Stiftshoff, Ossiach, Austria 7/1/71

    HL630 Pink Floyd [ TRADEMARK MOO ] Gymnasium, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY. USA 4/11/70

    HL640/641 Pink Floyd [ STAMPING GROUND ] Kralingen, Rotterdam Holland 6/28/70

    HL647/648 Pink Floyd [ PIGS FLYS OVER AMERICA ] Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX. USA 5/1/77

    HL651/652 Pink Floyd [ ECLIPSE ON HAMBURG 1972 ] Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany 11/12/72

    HL662/663 Pink Floyd [ CRYSTAL ECHOES ] Crystal Palace Bowl, London, UK 5/15/71

    plus the Anthologies

    HL185/186 Roger Waters [ COMPLETE”HITCH HIKING”PERFORMANCE ] Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY. USA 3/28/85 **New Amity upgrade, silver needed**

    HL438/39 Roger Waters [ WHAT PINK WANT ] Molson Amphitheater, Buffalo, NY. USA 8/1/99

    HL452/453 Roger Waters [ HISTORICAL PINK ROAD ] Blockbuster Sony Music Entertainment Center, Camden, NJ, USA 8/11/99

    HL625/626 Roger Waters [ HITCH HIKING BIRMINGHAM ] National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, UK 6/27/84

    HL579 David Gilmour [ ACOUSTICALLY MELTDOWN ] “Robert Wyatt’s Meltdown Concert” Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 6/22/01

    HL607/608 David Gilmour [ SING ME KATE ] Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 1/18/02

    HL602/603 David Gilmour [ ACOUSTICALLY PINK ] Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 1/16/02

    STTP 130/131 – Pink Floyd [ Boblingen ’72 ] (Boblingen, Germany 11/15/72)

    STTP 153 – Pink Floyd [ Echoes Of Japanese Meddle ] (Hakone Aphrodite, Japan 8/6/71)

    STTP 162/163 – Pink Floyd [ Time Ends ] (London, UK 2/17/72)

    STTP 172/173 – Pink Floyd [ The Wall Of The Court ] (Earl’s Court, London, UK 6/15/81)

    STTP 049/050 – Roger Waters [ In The Flesh ](Milwaukee, WI. 7/23/99)

    Personally, I’d like to see all of the 1973 shows sooner than later, Boblingen ’72, and perhaps some 4-6 disc sets comprised of upgrades of the single disc items from ’70 (those previously released via Ayanami and Highland)…maybe something like “The Summer Festivals” perhaps.

  5. I never got a chance to get Screamers version of the Ft Worth show or Siren’s, and the Highland version is what I would like an upgrade of if at all possible. I’m more of a Darkside to Animals era fan myself.
    what more important shows would you to see DLee. List them here so they have an idea. I think they do want input.

  6. Speaking of Boredom & Pain , does anyone have a problem with the dvd-r that came with it ? All of a sudden my copy will no longer play. It’s not that old for it to crap out already. I can’t make out the brand , but you would think Sirene would have used better media to go along with such a nice release – thanks.

  7. OK, but what about Siréne’s “Boredom & Pain” that was released in the early summer of ’06, and Screamer’s “Live at Fort Worth 1977” & Highland’s “Pigs Fly Over America”? Anything particular about ’em that you don’t like, or could be certainly upgraded? They were released only a few years ago, and were considered major upgrades themselves, at least in terms of becoming finally available on factory-pressed silver, and since then I haven’t been aware of anything undoubtedly superior that’s gone into circulation. There are a good number of other important Floyd shows that I personally think should be a higher priority for Sigma to seriously consider – if not already by them. But it’s certainly agreed that they’re doing an excellent job that we’re hoping they keep up for as long as possible.

  8. Hello Sigma. You guys are doing a great job, keep it up. I think what some of us would like next, is an upgrade of the ’77 Ft. Worth Texas show. This is long over due. Also, I recently noticed with my own collection is the lack of a silver CD version of the Boston show from ’77 also. A new remastered version of this show would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.

  9. i cant help but wonder what Sigma 41-42 are going to be. i suppose Sigma 43 is essentially the same as the Godfather version but with the clicks and pops removed by somebody.


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