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Led Zeppelin That’s Alright New York (GR 327/328/329) is a remaster of the soundboard for the February 12th, 1975 New York show

Led Zeppelin The Dancing Avocado (GR330) is a one disc title with the April 24th, 1969 Fillmore West tape which is popularly called a soundboard.

The King The Greensboro Show (GR331) is a one disc soundboard of the April 12th, 1972 North Carolina show which reminds me I have a bunch of new Elvis shows to review released earlier this year.

George Harrison and Splinter Hari+Splinter’s Dark Horse (GR332) is one of the more interesting projects to surface recently.  This contains the first Splinter LP The Place I Love which was produced by Harrison for the Dark Horse label.  Harrison and pals also play on every track as well, so for all intents and purposes this is a long-lost Harrison solo album, never been pressed to silver before. 

The Beatles Paris Landing June 20, 1965 (GR333) contains the soundboard recording for both the early and late shows.

The Rolling Stones Complete ’73 Affair (GR334/335) has the soundboard recording for the September 1st, 1973 Vienna show plus copious amounts of bonus tracks.

Bruce Springsteen This Time It’s For Real (GR 336/337) contains several campaign stops several weeks ago for newly elected President Barak Obama (meet the new boss…)

Osasis The Magical Mystery(GR 338/339) is a two disc set with the Electric Proms performance at the Roundhouse plus bonus tracks from Wembley.

New to DVD on Apocalypse Sound, The Rolling Stones Through The Past Darkly:  sucking in the 60’s(AS 153) contains many television appearances from the sixties.

Van Halen The Complete Video Collection:  The David Roth Years (AS 154) contains (you guessed it) Van Halen’s videos from the David Roth years.  Also included is every television appearance the made in those years.

Finally Oasis Come In, Come Out Tonight (AS155) contains the television broadcast for the Wembley show.

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