Tarantura released two more Rainbow titles

Rainbow Difficult To Cure:  Fresno Rock N Roll Archives Vol. 1 (RAINBOW-11) is a 1CD title documenting the November 13th, 1979 show at The Pantages (Warners) Theatre in Fresno, California. 

CA Connection:  Fresno Rock N Roll Archives Vol. 2 (RAINBOW-12) is a 1CD title with the May 21st, 1978 show at The Pantages (Warnors) Theatre in Fresno.  Both volumes are packaged in cardboard gatefold sleeves and limited to only 200 copies. 

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  1. Out this past weekend and arrived today are both of these excellent Tarantura releases from what is to be a new series from this tapers masters. I have many many Rainbow releases in my collection and most of them are distorted and not a easy listen for my ears. I wouldn’t say that it’s because the tapers didn’t really know what they were doing but instead and from what I’ve heard, the concerts were very loud and therefore overpowered the tapers equipment. Listening to a Rainbow show it’s not too difficult for any collector to realize this. Tarantura has been on a roll releasing some excellent sounding titles in their awesome style packaging. These two are no exceptions and although the “78” has some bottom end distortion, it’s not enough to distract from the listening pleasure that the elite (LOL I Had Too!) will have the pleasure of hearing when they listen to this release. Dio comes through loud, powerful, and clear, and I can hear the other 3 musicians without any difficulty. The “79” show is sourced from a perfect, balanced stereo AUD recording and even thought I’m not really too familiar with the Graham Bonnett era of Rainbow, I have to admit that he delivers one awesome performance. I’m sure I’m be seeking other releases from this era of Rainbow. I’m curious what others will think when they see and hear these releases. The taper D.J. Fresno who’s handle is written on the back covers knew how to tape and taped some very popular bands in the Fresno area and in stellar quality. Another thing that excites me about these two titles is that the recordings are sourced direct from his master recordings and are not downloads/ trades etc…. This is a exclusive deal with the folks at Tarantura. Long Live Rock N Roll indeed!!


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