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Three new metal boots coming out next week!

Coming out next week are three new metal boots.  Black Sabbath Live Longest…Die At Last (no label) is a 2CD title with the August 5th 1975 Asbury Park, New Jersey soundboard recording.  

Black Sabbath Devil & Daughter (Langley Deluxe 016 ) cover the City Hall, Sheffield show on September 2nd, 1989

Yngwie Malmsteen The Swedish One (Shades 462 ) a one disc title documenting the live performance at G2, Sundsvall, Sweden on November 17th, 1995

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  1. Yo’re quite right, Gig. For interest, further info on the The Alliance ‘Friday Rock Show’ 4 track session. Recorded March 07 1986, broadcast April 04, at Maida Vale 4 BBC studio, produced by the BBC’s famous Tony Wilson:

    We Are Strangers/ Keep In Touch/ No Broken Hearts/ Trying To Forget

  2. The Friday Rock Show session tracks were; We Are Strangers,Trying to Forget & No Broken Hearts. (some can be found on youtube).So those other tracks must be a demo or something. Tony Martin related news : The first ever solo Tony Martin show in the UK will be at Birmingham Asylum 27th July 2012. Its billed as “Tony Martins Headless Cross”

  3. PS For those wondering, the loss of Iommi briefly in ‘War Pigs’ was due to a broken string. (I know, ‘cos I was there!)

  4. ‘Devil & Daughter’ (Langley Deluxe 016) is an upgrade on its previous 2CDR release as ‘Tales From Sheffield’ (Langley-096), which came out in 2005, I believe. The audience comments show it to be the same source, but the sound is crisper at both high and low ends: I believe this to be from a higher gen tape, rather than solely down to mastering. The bonus track is ‘Cloak and Dagger’, whereas on the earlier release there were 4 tracks by The Alliance, featuring Tony Martin. The sleeve states that these are demos, but I think they may actually be from a BBC session.

  5. I just got Sabbath’s DEVIL & DAUGHTER. If you’re considering ordering it, do it now. Great stuff. The audio is excellent being a *MUST* for Sabbath fans. Highly recommended.

  6. I’d forgotten about that, my first Tarantura purchase. (How I forgot when I had had to pay so much for it, I can’t explain!)

  7. Tarantura released this show which ws reviewed here. I posted info on the origins of the SB and the HEN label “Acccidental Overdose” release here


    This is also streaming on Wolfgangs Vault for free

  8. Langley released the Sheffield 1989 show as a 2CDR titled ‘Tales From Sheffield’ (Langley-096), so a ‘silver’ is most welcome. Especially as I was at that show. :)

  9. Oh, and on the end of the Bondage 2CD are ‘unreleased jams’, but they are not, in fact, Sabbath at all.

  10. TMOQ, the original release of Asbury Park (in full) was a Bondage 2CD called ‘Heaven And Earth’ (BON 269/270). There was then a European issue (new digipak artwork, straight copy of the CDs), titled ‘Accidental Overdose’. There have been several single CD issues, I believe, editing solos, mostly, but since I have the Bondage set I’ve never bothered with those.

    No Label are, indeed, serving Sabbath fans well.

  11. Perhaps you can submit reviews??

  12. Looking forward to ordering both those Sabbath titles – I think time has been deservedly kind to the Tony Martin era and I throughly enjoy revisiting these concerts. The “No Label” guys nearly always produces quality silvers too, great stuff.

  13. This is the setlist for the Black Sabbath Asbury Park show:

    Disc 1
    1. Supertzar 2. Killing Yourself To Live 3. Hole In The Sky 4. Snowblind
    5. Symptom Of The Universe 6. War Pigs 7. Megalomania

    Disc 2
    1. Sabbra Cadabra 2. Band Jam 3. Guitar Solo #1 4. Sometimes I’m Happy 5. Drums Solo 6. Supernaut
    7. Iron Man 8. Orchid – Guitar Solo #2 9. Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor
    10. Guitar Solo #3 – Don’t Start (Too Late) 11. Black Sabbath 12. Spiral Architect
    13. Embryo – Children Of The Grave 14. Ozzy’s MC 15. Paranoid

  14. I seem to remember when the Asbury Park show surfaced that it was only 1 disc. Does anyone know anything about this 2 disc set?

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