Beatles – Anthology Companion (Apocalypse Sound AS123)


Anthology Companion (Apocalypse Sound AS123)

Some Other Guy, Love Me Do, Please Please Me, From Me To You, She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Can’t Buy Me Love, A Hard Day’s Night, She’s A Woman, I Feel Fine, 8 Days A Week, Ticket To Ride, Help!, We Can Work It Out, Day Tripper, Paperback Writer, Rain, Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, A Day In The Life, All You Need Is Love, Hello Goodbye, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude (rehearsal), Hey Jude, Revolution, Get Back, The Ballad Of John And Yoko, Something, Let It Be, Baby It’s You (live at the Beeb), We Can Work It Out (alt take), Paperback Writer (version 2), Paperback Writer (version 3), Rain (alt take), Love Me Do (version 2), Please Please Me (alt take), Twist & Shout, I’ll Get You, I Want To Hold Your Hand (alt take), This Boy, You Can’t Do That, She’s A Woman (alt version), I Feel Fine, Help! (version 2), Yesterday, We Can Work It Out (version 3), Day Tripper (version 2), Paperback Writer (version 4), Rain (version 3), Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, Strawberry Fields Forever (alt take), A Day In The Life (version 2), All You Need Is Love (alt version), Hello Goodbye (version 2), Hello Goodbye (version 3), Hey Bulldog, Helter Skelter, Blackbird, Hey Jude (alt take), Revolution (alt take), Get Back (alt take), Let It Be (alt take), The Long And Winding Road, Paperback Writer (Ed Sullivan), Rain (Ed Sullivan), Hey Jude (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour), Don’t Let Me Down, Come Together

Anthology Companion on Apocalypse Sound collects together very Beatles promo film and its variation on one convenient package.  The selection, sequencing and video quality are the same as Chronology 1 & 2(Picture Perfect PPDVD 001/002)  and in similar quality.  Because the videos come from different sources, they are not all of the same quality but they are all generally very good and watchable.  Many of the early promos are taped from television appearances.  By 1965 the Beatles limited their exposure on live television and began to focus upon producing promo videos to be shown on the different programs.  Many of the mid sixties promos have alternate versions so because the band wanted to produce unique versions for the different outlets.  Major shows like Ed Sullivan even received personalized greetings from The Beatles.  The were prolific in those days too with one session at Twickenham in November 1965 producing ten different clips of their next single and three previous A-sides.  This is a list of what is contained on this release: 

  • Some Other Guy from The Cavern in Liverpool in August 22nd, 1962.   This was taped by Manchester based Granada television.  It is the opinion of Beatles collectors that they filmed performing “Some Other Guy” and “Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey.

  • Love Me Do is a promo made with images from 1963.

  • Please Please Me is a similar promo video made with various images from 1969 and 1964. 

  • From Me To You  is from the June 23rd, 1963 television recording for “Luck Stars (Summer Spin)” and is in black and white.  The band play on a studio mock up of The Cavern.    

  • She Loves You is in black and white and dates from the October 4th, 1963 broadcast of “Ready Steady Go.”  

  • I Want To Hold Your Hand is a promo video similar to Love Me Do and Please Please Me.  

  • Can’t Buy Me Love is the studio track dubbed to their appearance on “Ready Steady Go” on March 20th, 1964.  

  • A Hard Day’s Night is a video promo featuring scenes from the movie.  

  • She’s A Woman is a mimed performance dating from “Top Of The Pops” on November 16th, 1964.  

  • I Feel Fine.  This is the first of two versions.  This is a promo filmed on November23rd, 1965 and shows the band singing by gym equipment.  George sings into the punch-ball and Ringo works out on the bike.  

  • Eight Days A Week comes from 1964 and shows scenes from the cartoon series.  This footage is edited with behind the scenes footage of the cartoon production company.  

  • Ticket To Ride is a black and white promotional film made on November 23rd, 1965.  John, Paul and Ringo sit in chairs while Ringo sits behind playing the drums.  

  • Help!  This is the first of two films for this song.  This one was filmed on April 22nd, 1965.  It is in black and white and is the basically the opening scene from the movie but without effects.  

  • We Can Work It Out makes its first of three appearances.  This is a black and white promo filmed in studio on November 23rd, 1965 and features the band miming the song and John mugging for the camera while Paul is singing.  

  • Day Tripper, the first of two from November 23rd, 1965.  This is a straight mimed performance.    

  • Paperback Writer is in black and white and filmed on May 19th, 1966.  This is a mimed performance in studio. 

  • Rain is from the same session as the previous video, filmed on May 19th, 1966.  

  • Strawberry Fields Forever is the first color promo in this collection.  This was filmed at Knole Park, Sevenoaks in Kent on January 30th, 1967 and features the band walking through he park, climbing a tree and pouring paint on a delapitated piano.  

  • Penny Lane is another color promotional film made on February 5th, 1967.  The band were filmed at Angel Lane, Stratford and Knole Park, Sevenoaks.  This footage is edited with landmarks mentioned in the song.  

  • A Day In The Life is a color promo filmed on February 10th, 1967 at Studio One at Abbey Road.  This is a montage of the orchestra sitting down and the Beatles hanging out with Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful.  

  • All You Need Is Love is the “Our World” broadcast on June 25th, 1967 filmed at Studio One at Abbey Road.  This black and white footage includes narration during the first part and shows George Martin in the control booth working with the band.  This is followed by the complete track.

  • Hello Goodbye.  This is the first of three different versions.  This is in color and was filmed at Saville Theatre in London on November 10th, 1967.  The band are wearing the Sgt Pepper’s costumes while they mime to the studio track, and belly dancers join them at the end.   

  • Lady Madonna was filmed on February 11th, 1968.  This color video shows the band while they were recording “Hey Bulldog.”  

  • Hey Jude (rehearsals) was filmed on July 30th, 1968 and shows the band working on take 9.  This video comes from the National Music Council documentary called “Music!”

  • Hey Jude is in color and is taped off of David Frost on September 4th, 1968 and iincludes the David Frost sequence at the start and a count-in.

  • Revolution is also in color and filmed on September 4th, 1968.  This version includes a count-in at the beginning not on the single.  

  • Get Back was filmed on January 30th, 1969 during the Apple roof concert.  This is the second take with no scenes of the public, but only of the band playing the song.  

  • The Ballad Of John and Yoko is the color promo video montage of John and Yoko walking by the Seine, scenes from the film Let It Be, and random Mal Evans vacation footage.  

  • Something is a simple color film featuring the band walking around hugging their wives. 

  • Let It Be was filmed on January 31st, 1969 and features scenes from the movie. 

  • Baby It’s You dates from 1994 and is a promo video used to promote Live At The BBC.  

  • We Can Work It Out is an alternate take from the November 23rd, 1965 session.  The placard at the beginning labels this “version 1 take 1.”  

  • Paperback Writer versions two and three both date from the May 19th, 1966 session.  They are similar mimed performances but with small differences in the editing of the material.  Version three is out of sync.   

  • Rain version two is from the same May 19th 1966 filming session and contains a different edit of the visuals from the first.  

  • Love Me Do and Please Please Me are alternate edits of the first two promos that appear in this collection. 

  • Twist And Shout dates from the August 14th, 1963 television recording for “Scene At 6:30.”

  • I’ll Get You is from the October 4th, 1963 broadcast of “Ready Steady Go.”

  • Want To Hold Your Hand was recorded on November 25th,1963 and broadcast on November 27th on “Scene At 6:30” 

  • This Boy is from the same “Scene At 6:30” taping and was broadcast on November 26th.  

  • You Can’t Do That was taped and broadcast live on “Ready Steady Go” on March 20th, 1964

  • She’s A Woman was taped on November 23rd, 1964 and broadcast on November 27th on “Ready Steady Go.”  

  • I Feel Fine was filmed on November 23rd, 1965 and is the second version appearing in this collection.  This version features the band eating fish and chips around the gym set in the studio.  

  • Help !  This is the second version filmed on November 23rd, 1965 and features the band sitting on a beam.  

  • Yesterday features Paul alone.  This was taped on August 1st, 1965 at the ABC Theatre Blackpool for
    the “Blackpool Night Out.”

  • We Can Work It Out is also from November 23rd, 1965.  This version begins with a photo of John with a sunflower.  

  • Day Tripper was filmed on November 23rd, 1965.  This version features the band in their Shea outfits, George and Ringo in a train, and Ringo sawing the set.  

  • Paperback Writer filmed on May 20th, 1966.  This was recorded at Chiswick House, Burlington Lane, London.

  • Rain was filmed the same day at the same location as the previous promo.  

  • Eleanor Rigby features a Yellow Submarine collage with the lyrics appearing onscreen.  

  • Yellow Submarine dates form 1968 with scenes from the movie edited with home videos.  

  • Strawberry Fields Forever features scenes from the cartoon series.  

  • A Day In The Life dates from February 10th, 1967 and is a slightly different edit.  

  • All You Need Is Love, a color version of the June 25th, 1967 television broadcast of “Our World.”  

  • Hello Goodbye (versions 2 & 3), different edits of the first version of this promo film.  

  • Hey Bulldog comes from February 11th, 1968.  This shows the band working on the song at Abbey Road. 

  • Helter Skelter dates from June 13th, 1968 and is a take featuring Paul on acoustic guitar. 

  • Blackbird dates from the same day as Helter Skelter.

  • Hey Jude and Revolution are the second takes from the David Frost broadcast on September 4th, 1968

  • Get Back, an alternate version of the rooftop concert on January 30th, 1969.  This contains edits of the people on the street. 

  • Let It Be and The Long And Winding Road contain footage from the film Let It Be

  • Paperback Writer and Rain were both filmed on May 19th, 1966.  These are color promos made specifically for the Ed Sullivan Show. 

  • Hey Jude is the second take from the September 4th, 1968 David Frost broadcast but with added audience noise at the start.  

  • Don’t Let Me Down contains edits from both the rooftop concert and from the Twickenham sessions.  

  • Come Together contains home cine clips of the Beatles arriving at Abbey Road. 

Apocalypse Sound press this on DVD9 in the NTSC format region free compatible with all DVD players.  It is a comprehensive collection containing some very rare material.  It is packaged in a cardboard digipack with the same motifs as the official Anthology collection. 

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