George Harrison – All Things Must Pass (US stereo) (Dr. Ebbetts STCH 639)

All Things Must Pass(US stereo) (Dr. Ebbetts STCH 639)

Disc 1 (76:11):  I’d Have Your Anytime, My Sweet Lord, My Sweet Lord, Wah-Wah, Isn’t It A Pity, What Is Life, If Not For You, Behind That Locked Door, Behind That Locked Door, Let It Down, Run Of The Mill, Beware Of Darkness, Apple Scruffs, Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll), Awaiting On You All, All Things Must Pass, I Dig Love, Art Of Dying, Isn’t It A Pity, Hear Me Lord

Disc 2 (29 04): Out Of The Blue, It’s Johnny’s Birthday, Plug Me In, I Remember Jeep, Thanks For The Pepperoni

There have been countless pressings of “All Things Must Pass”:  Millennium Remasters (EAS 67107/67109), Dr. Ebbetts (STCH 639), Torn and Frayed Production (UDCD 1129), EMI (CDS 7 46688/CDS 7 46689), and Capitol/GnRecords (CDP 7243 5 30474 2 9).  

The reviews of “All Things Must Pass” are legendary. The sessions have generated a plethora of phenomenal sounding box sets. The Dr. Ebbetts “All Things Must Pass” (US Stereo) STCH 639 was released in 2005 to rave reviews with most favoring this version over the “All Things Must Pass” – 30th Anniversary Edition from Capitol/GnRecords which sported additional tracks: “I Live For You”, “Beware Of Darkness”, “Let It Down”, “What Is Life”, and “My Sweet Lord” (2000) and featuring a 20 page booklet with rare photographs and newly written liner notes by George Harrison with exquisite packaging to boot.

Reviewers commented that Dr. Ebbetts STCH 639 released in 2005 boasted a fantastic needle drop transfer, sounding warmer without the massive amounts of horrible noise reduction that reportedly plagued the Capitol/GnRecords 30th Anniversary Edition.

I have not heard the Dr. Ebbetts 2005 release but was really disappointed with my first listen of Dr. Ebbetts STCH 639 (Digital Remastering Summer 2008) release. The gain is significantly lacking compared to the latest domestic release and sounds much less dynamic with not nearly enough punch on the low end and the overall sound is quite constricted; a tunnel hollow-like effect. One does not, however, experience any “listening fatigue” taking in this latest Dr. Ebbetts version. I await the release of the “definitive” version of “All Things Must Pass” that will incorporate the best of elements from the supposed warm but incomplete Dr. Ebbetts needle drop with the necessary gain/boost offered to an extreme with the above 30th Anniversary Edition.

All things considered, the packaging on the latest domestic reissue is far superior to the basic and elegant packaging with Dr. Ebbetts and the latter does not boast the 5 additional bonus tracks either. I would recommend that anyone interested in these historic and mind blowing sessions to minimally invest in the Capitol/GnRecords 30th Anniversary Edition if just for the bonus tracks and gorgeous packaging.

I would avoid inclusion of the latest Dr. Ebbetts release as there are a good number of other options that will surely appease:  The Making Of “All Things Must Pass” [Playmen Music – PM005/006/007CD] 3 CD

“All Things Must Surface” [Repro-Man 2001/RPM 107 -108] 2 CD
“Art Of Darkness” [Mid Valley 427/428/429/430] 4 CD
“A Quiet Storm” [Mid Valley 431] 6 CD

All of the above listed box sets offer alternate “All Things Must Pass” demos, sessions, remixes,  and isolated tracks to varying degrees with outstanding and uncompromising fidelity that will offer hours of sheer listening enjoyment!

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