New Beatles releases on Superb Premium

With a release pattern starting in late 2021 / early 2022, the new label, Superb Premium, has begun to put out a new series of albums under the umbrella collection, ‘Audio Companion’. Starting with the first four albums, these releases present four different versions of the same album over 2 CDs.

Disk one features the ‘MULTITRACK REMIX AND REMASTERS STEREO REMIX’ alongside the ‘NAKED VOCAL TRACK STEREO REMIX’, stripping back the music, allowing us to hear the vocals as you may have done in Abbey Road as the band over dubbed their own.

Disk two features both the ‘ORIGINAL ANALOG MASTER STEREO MIX’ and also the ‘BACKING TRACKS INSTRUMENTAL STEREO REMIX’. Given the improvements in stripping apart these stems more successfully as newer and better augmentation becomes available, it’ll be interesting to hear what the label manage to bring out of these near 60 year old recordings.

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