George Harrison with Eric Clapton – One Moment In Time II (Misterclaudel mccd-22/23)

One Moment In Time II (Misterclaudel mccd-22/23) 

Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan – December 5th, 1991

Disc 1: Before the show, I Want To Tell You, Old Brown Shoe, Taxman, Give Me Love, If I Needed Someone, Something, What Is Life, Dark Horse, Piggies, Pretending, Old Love, Badge, Wonderful Tonight

Disc 2: Got My Mind Set On You, Cloud Nine, Here Comes The Sun, My Sweet Lord, All Those Years Ago, Cheer Down, Devil’s Radio, Isn’t It A Pity, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Roll Over Beethoven. Bonus track: Concert For George premier show at Nihon Seinekan Hall, November 13th, 2003, Olivia’s speech

George Harrison’s fourth show on his tour of Japan in Nagoya was released previously as Fourth Night Live on Platypus Records (PR-1001 A/B) and 4th Night Revisited (no label). These titles utilize the “first” tape source which is an excellent sounding incomplete DAT recording. It captures the first three fourths of the show cutting out at “Cheer Down”. Fourth Night Live edits in the December 17, 1991 Tokyo tape to present a complete show, while 4th Night Revisited uses the December 10th Osaka tape. Misterclaudel have found a new tape source and present the Nagoya concert complete for the first time. One Moment In Time II has the longest version of the first tape source running into the first half of “Devil’s Radio”. At that point the taper’s batteries died and he wasn’t able to tape the complete show. It’s a shame since it is one of the best recordings from this tour. The second source picks up in “Devil’s Radio” and continues with “Isn’t It A Pity” and the first encore “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

This tape source is clear and clean but taped a distance from the stage and is thin sounding mono. The third tape source is used for the second encore “Roll Over Beethoven” and is a very good stereo DAT recording that isn’t as clear as the first tape source but is much better than the second. The edits are very smooth and professional, presenting for the first time the whole Nagoya show. The quality of the show is a big improvement over the earlier ones. I feel that in the December 2nd Osaka show that Harrison was upstaged by Clapton. His thirty-minute set is the definite highlight of the show, whereas the ex-Beatle sounded very rusty, tentative and unsure of himself. It’s understandable since he hadn’t performed before a live audience in fifteen years. This show in Nagoya is a big improvement. Harrison sounds more relaxed and delivers a tight, fantastic show.

The bonus track is an audience recording of Olivia Harrison’s introduction at the Japanese premier of the Concert For George movie in November 2003. She thanks her late husband for his music and Eric Clapton for his participation and her words are followed by the translator. It’s a nice bonus although it doesn’t have anything to do with Harrison’s tour of Japan in general or his show in Nagoya in particular. Also Misterclaudel chose to issue the title in a fatboy jewel case which, since they don’t have any inserts, doesn’t make much sense. But since this is the first time the complete show is available One Moment In Time II is definitely recommended.

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