New Beatles and solo classics releases

As is traditional in December, the Beatles Christmas album is getting another re-release. Every label has had a dabble and now DAP are taking a turn.

Remastered from the original versions and also presented from the flexi-disks on disk one, the second disk features outtakes a-plenty, including interview segments, Paul’s ‘Unforgettable’ Christmas tape that he gifted to the rest of the fabs and other extra Beatles-era Christmas ephemera. It’ll be a great pick up for anyone who wants all of what we had through the years all on two disks.

‘Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1 & 2 Revised Edition’ is exactly that. The first two, mindblowing releases that were covered by Swingin’ Pig in 1989 all on one disk, remastered, recovered and embellished with a few select extras!

‘Not For Sale – revised edition’ is another version of the classic LP bootleg from NEMS records. Remastered and compiled with extras, this boot features all the details and extras as the Retrospective Collection label see fit.

Finally, the Goldies label introduce ‘Hari’s On Tour’, a 1974 North American tour compilation from George Harrison’s “Dark Hoarse” tour.

A CD and DVD set, the music is from the Los Angeles Forum, Inglewood, California U.S.A.
November 12, 1974 (Matinee Show) – A newly remastered stereo soundboard version. The DVD is a bit more oblique as to what it features, only including film archives from the tour plus a handful of promos and news reels from 1974. There have been some great archival releases from this label previous and it’ll be great to see what they come up with for this collection.

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