New Vinyl / CD set releases


A clutch of new vinyl / CD releases have been announced recently.
Generally out of the remit of the site, these sets do feature additional CD sets with the vinyl, pushing them in to the interest side.

There are no images available at the moment but here’s the news;

On single LP is Neil Young “Farm Aid 2013”.
Recorded live in Saratoga Springs, New York, on September 21st.
the LP features a soundboard recording of the most recent Neil Young solo set from Farm Aid, with an additional bonus DVD of the set from HD-TV.

David Bowie “Rock In Rio” is a copy of the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil concert from 1990 – long a Bootleg staple from the soundboard. This also features a 40 minute TV broadcast DVD.

The other David Bowie LP is “Kiss Me Kate!”. The A&E Live by Request show that was recorded at Sony Studios, New York City, June 2002. Another soundboard

Depeche Mode “Austin City Limits” is the complete stereo soundboard recording of the ACL show, Austin, TX on October 11, 2013 along with a DVD of the show from HD-TV.

Finally The Beatles – Bootleg Recordings – The Copyright Extension box is brought to vinyl straight from i-Tunes

Housed in a full sized colour box, over 3 LPs and on 180 gram virgin vinyl, it also features the same music over 2 CDs without extras but includes a 40+ page book with many rare photos inside.

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  1. The Dylan CDs originally started with the 2012 (1962) release of the limIted CDRs that were posted out to selected independent record stores at the end of 2012, these were pirated by a no label production, the same happened with the 2013 (1963) LPs and now the 2014 (1964) have both been pirated. This time however OMS have also joined in and released a pirate of the 2014 LP set in their own, standard packaging.
    The Beatles 1963 sessions were the only release on i-Tunes – a few different labels released these sets including the Wonderland LP / CD hybrid set. Apple then looked in to the legalities of everything, the copyright for these recordings was extended and so they will not be producing ‘bootleg’ sets for iTunes anymore. One enterprising company has compiled it’s own version of what the Beatles 1964 bootleg could have been but using existing bootleg material so it’s not mastered by Apple.
    The real omission was the Beach Boys sets that have been released on to iTunes but these generally replicate what Sea Of Tunes released in the late 1990’s albeit in a butchered format. I doubt we’ll see those on CDs any time soon.

  2. I am not aware of these various “copyright extension” recordings being released on pressed CDs alone. Wondering why only the recent Bob Dylan 1964 recordings have found their way to silver CDs…? I keep constant watch for truly new bootleg releases. Where is the Beatles material released in 2013 on iTunes? No I don’t have iTunes and would of course prefer a pressed CD. Any help would be welcome. Not “where” to buy such CDs but simply the titles/labels…


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