Derek And The Dominos – Marquee Club Gig (Tinkerbell BELL-03)


 Marquee Club Gig (Tinkerbell BELL-03)

Marquee Club, London, England – August 11, 1970
Introduction, Roll It Over, Blues Power, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Any Day, Bad Boy, introduction, Bottle Of Red Wine, Little Wing, Tell The Truth, Country Life, Don’t Know Why.  Bonus tracks, Delaney & Bonnie And Friends, Royal Albert Hall – December 1st, 1969:  Introduction, The Great Reeling Pavement Disaster, Gimme Some Lovin’

Marquee Club Gig documents one of the very first Derek And The Dominoes performances just under two months from their live debut at the Lyceum in June.  This occurs about a week into their first UK tour and is perhaps the earliest tape of the band live.  The Colosseum label released this several years ago as Roll It Over  (97-C-027) and two tracks; “Blues Power” and “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” appear as bonus tracks on Garage (Asteroid AR-07 – 2). 

The tape is very poor sound quality being distant, distorted, flat and dull.  It was of historical curiosity at best.  Tinkerbell use the same tape source but have remastered to make it somewhat more listenable.  It is still a mediocre tape but this sounds much more listenable than the others.  The hiss is very loud but there is no “metallic” sound or any other obvious traces of digital processing.  In short Tinkerbell have done a pretty good job in making a horrible tape somewhat enjoyable.

The Marquee is a small venue (900 capacity according to the liner notes), and it sounds it.  After the introduction and some warm ups the band begin their show with “Roll It Over”, a song that wasn’t played much in their brief life.  “Have You Every Loved A Woman” and “Little Wing” make their debuts at this show.  The second half of the show begins with “Bottle Of Red Wine”. 

It sounds as if another tape source is edited in at the beginning of “Little Wing” as there is a cut present.  Previous editions of this tape didn’t include the final song “Don’t Know Why”.  There is a cut before the song and a noticeable drop in sound quality (sounding poorer than the rest) so its authenticity is dubious.  The song was also played at Melvern August 14th, but I’ve not heard that tape so I can’t be sure. 

The bonus tracks are from the Delaney & Bonnie show from the Royal Albert Hall the previous December featuring all the members of Derek & The Dominos plus guitarist Dave Mason, who was sort of a member of the band.  It is also a fair to good recording maybe a notch above the Marquee tape.  But just like with Painters Fair Tinkerbell did an admirable job in making this tape more presentable than previous versions and is a good addition to the growing number of Derek & The Dominos titles that are being produced lately.

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