Oasis – Dreams Is A Recording Machine (Godfather GR 279)

Dreams Is A Recording Machine (Godfather GR 279)

New Demos: 01: Stop The Clocks, 02: I Wanna Love A Dream (In My Record Machine), 03: Nothing On Me. Demos From Don’t Believe The Truth: 04: Lord Don’t Slow Me Down, 05: Turn Up The Sun, 06: Eyeball Ticker, 07: Love Like A Bomb, 08: Meaning Of Soul, 09: A Bell Will Ring, 10: Let There Be Love. Demos From Heathen Chemistry: 11: Force Of Nature, 12: Stop Crying Your Heart Out, 13: Little By Little. Noel Solo Demos (1988): 14: What’s It Got To Do With You, 15: Hey You, 16: What’s Been Happening, 17: But What If, 18: Gotta Have Fun. Pre-Definitely Maybe Demo: 19: Alive. Bonus Track (Noel, Gem & Terry Kirkbride – Live At Zanzibar Club, Liverpool May 3, 2003): 20: Stop The Clocks.

Tracks 01, 02, 10-18, 20: Noel – Vocals
Tracks 03-09, 19 – Liam – Vocals

This release pulls together 19 tracks of demos from various points in Oasis’ career.  The sound quality varies slightly but is for the most part perfect.  The classic Oasis sound is well represented on this disc.  Both Liam & Noel’s vocal talents are featured and Godfather Records has thrown in a bonus track feating a live version of  Stop The Clocks from Liverpool, May 2003.  Godfather Records has put  together some great artwork featuring numerous pictures of the band spread out through the gatefold packaging.  The artwork on the disc itself is the standard Godfather Records logo.  This release is a must for any Oasis fan.  The tunes cover quite a timeline in the band’s career and there’s sure to be something on this release for everyone.

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