Coverdale / Page – Pride & Joy (no label)

Pride & Joy (no label)

Castle Hall, Osaka, JapanDecember 20, 1993

Absolution Blues, Slide It In, Rock And Roll, Over Now, Kashmir, Pride And Joy, Take A Look At Yourself, Take Me For A Little While, In My Time Of Dying, Here I Go Again, White Summer/Black  Mountain Side, Don’t Leave Me This Way, Shake My Tree, Still Of The Night, Black Dog, The Ocean/Wanton Song/Feeling Hot

1993 saw the collaboration between Jimmy Page and ex- Deep Purple/Whitesnake singer David Coverdale. The project began as early as 1991 but wasn’t completed until 1993 with the official release of their only self titled record. Coverdale Page peaked at #4 in the U.K. and #5 in the U.S. eventually reaching platinum status. Although some tracks did receive airplay, the music scene was rapidly changing throughout the early 90s and the project seemed to fade away rather quickly. A proposed tour of U.S. arenas was dismissed but the band did manage to visit Japan in December 1993 for a small handful of dates. The touring band featured Guy Pratt on bass, Denny Carmassi on drums, and Brett Tuggle on both keyboards and additional guitars.

The video is audience shot from the right side of the hall and while there is some instances of shakiness the taper is able to zoom in and the picture gets remarkably clearer for the close ups. The audio is clear and certainly listenable but does show limitations and is what can be expected from a camcorder from this era. The screen is occasionally branded with the logo “Hard-1” but is never intrusive of the action. Both Page and Coverdale seem to acknowledge the person taping on occasion by looking and pointing and the majority of the show is focused upon these two with Pratt and Tuggle in the background.

The set list featured tracks from their debut album as well as a few Whitesnake tracks and classic Zep tunes. Jimmy adds his own interpretations to the Whitesnake tunes. He improvises the solos in “Slide It In” and “Here I Go Again” while the blistering guitar solo from “Still Of The Night” is instead played by Brett Tuggle on synth. For the Zeppelin tunes, Coverdale had the vocal range that Plant no longer had but his performances seem to lack the vibe that Robert Plant gave to this material. The strongest performances from this DVD definitely come from their new material with some highlights being “Over Now”, “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, with some very nice guitar work from Page, and the very Zeppelin-esque “Shake My Tree”, including a Theremin section.

Guy Pratt is spotlighted on fretless bass before “Take A Look At Yourself” and both he and Tuggle lend their vocal abilities while Jimmy plays the track alone on acoustic. Page breaks out the double neck for “Take Me For A Little While” and the infamous Danelectro makes its appearance during “In My Time Of Dying” and “White Summer”. During “White Summer” Page throws in a few riffs from “Over The Hills” and “Kashmir” to mix things up and the “Out On The Tiles” introduction to “Black Dog” is extended beyond what Zep used to do. “The Ocean” and “Wanton Song” are only brief segments used as the intro to “Feeling Hot”.

Pride & Joy is an excellent document from Coverdale Page that gives us a good perspective into the rare live performances of this short lived project. There are some clips on Youtube from this source but this is much more complete. This DVD also has a section that contains the Tour Program.

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