Iron Maiden – Live At Red Rocks (Apocalypse Sound AS 160)

Live At Red Rocks (Apocalypse Sound AS 160)  

Red Rocks, Morrison Colorado, USA August 30, 2000  

Running Time 1 hour 15 minutes  

Intro, The Wicker Man, Ghost Of The Navigator, Brave New World, Wrathchild, 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Mercenary, The Trooper, The Clansman, The Evil That Men Do, Fear Of The Dark, Iron Maiden, The Number Of The Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Sanctuary  

In May 2000 Iron Maiden released their long awaited Brave New World cd reuniting the band with lead singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith. The release was well received as was the subsequent world tour that followed from which this release is taken. The recording that is featured on this release is done from the area between the front barrier and the stage taped with a single camera and the audio must be from the mixing board as it is well balanced and full sounding with very little crowd noise except for between the songs. You get many up close shots of Jannick Gers since it is his part of the stage but is well mixed with the rest of the band minus drummer Nicko as he is blocked by the amplifiers.

After the intro the band blows full steam into The Wicker Man, a song inspired the Hammer film of the same name that also spawned the Eddie used on this tour followed by the Ghost of the Navigator and Brave New World. The band played six of the ten tracks from the Brave New World disc. Wrathchild is introduced as a song from the Jurassic period like Red Rocks. There is a cut after 2 Minutes omitting Blood Bothers and Sign Of The Cross before coming back half way through The Mercenary, during which Bruce starts climbing the amplifiers and you think oh shit somebody trying to be Bono. Another cut after The Trooper that leads into a song inspired by Braveheart and mid evil Scotland and possibly the strongest of the Blaze era Maiden tracks The Clansmen. The Evil that Men do has the first appearance of Eddie in his Ed Hunter outfit and again he comes to the side and we are treated to some great close up shots of him in action before the house lights dim for Fear Of The Dark again a classic and always enjoyable part of the set but is unfortunately cut as the very end as is the beginning of Iron Maiden. Due to the position of the cameraman the burning Wicker Eddie can’t be seen save for a little of the pyrotechnics.

The encores are standard for the tour, the seminal Number of the Beast followed by Hallowed Be Thy Name and another from the Jurassic period Sanctuary during which Bruce tells us about another new record and tour. The Brave New World tour was the last of the huge mega tours Maiden would undertake, after this they would scale down the tour slightly. I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD, it gives a alternative view to either an official or bootleg release I found refreshing, you almost feel like you are at stage right with a laminate stage pass rocking your ass off to your favorite band. As always the packaging is a simple gatefold adorned with pictures from the tour, the DVD has the simple and easily navigated menu we have come to expect from this fantastic label. This is another great release from Apocalypse Sound and is highly recommended, I enjoyed this release more then other multi camera proshot concerts and for Maiden fans is considered a must have.

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  1. Is this possibly from the camera crew, such as the shooter who would take shots from Jannick’s side of the stage? Maybe the feed from this camera would have been mixed with other cameras for the video screens. As mentioned, the band is aware of this camera, leading me to speculate about it being from an official cameraperson.

  2. This is a fantastic amature shot source and after a few minutes the camera is pretty steady. There are several sections where I wonder if members of the band know they are being filmed since they appear very close to camera man and may be posing. There’s a very attractive female in the audience that decides to show some bra action. Where most other labels today release Iron Maiden on DVDR Apocalypse Sound takes a risk and presses Maiden. Kudos once again to this label.


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