Michael Jackson – The Baby, The Man…The King! (Apocalypse Sound AS120)

 The Baby, The Man…The King! (Apocalypse Sound AS120)

Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia
November 29, 1987
Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Things I Do For You, Off The Wall, Human Nature, Heartbreak Hotel, She’s Out Of My Life, I Want You Back, The Love You Save, I’ll Be There, Rock With You, Lovely One

Jackson 5
Live In Mexico City 1975
(You Were Made) Especially For me, It’s Too Late To Change The Time, Never Can Say Goodbye, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, I’m In Love Pts 1 & 2, I’m In Love Pts’ 1 & 2 (Marlon Sings Lead), Randy Presents The Crew, Rockin’ Robin, The Life Of The Party, Music And Me, Ben, I’ll Be There, I Want You Back / ABC, Tito Guitar Solo, One Day In Your Life, Presenting The Family, Dancing Machine, Body Language (Do The Love Dance)

After watching this DVD I felt just as exhausted as Michael must have been after putting so much energy into the performances contained on this DVD.  This DVD showcases Michael as the extraordinary performer he is.  Forget about all of the negative things leveled against Michael  over the years, this DVD shows you exactly what Michael Jackson is all about.  That my friends is PURE ENERGY!!!!!  There’s not another performer on the planet that could hold a candle to Michael Jackson during his hey day.  I honestly don’t know how he did it.  He never stops dancing and he’s not lip synching either.  That man can sing!!!

The Brisbane concert showcases Michael as a solo artist.  The production involved in his concerts has rarely been matched.  The top notch musicians in his band take the music to another level and allow Michael to soar to new heights.  The overall quality of this performance is great and very enjoyable.  It definitely helped me to gain a new appreciation for Michael and the quality of his performance.

The 2nd performance on this DVD takes you back to Mexico City in 1975.  This is the real deal people!  The Jackson 5!!!  This is the group that set the standard for all other Boy Bands in the future.  It’s interesting to see how tight they were when it came to dancing, performing and singing.  The harmonies are impeccable.  Marlon actually takes over the lead vocals on I am in Love Pts. 1 & 2 and soon after we get to see little Randy Jackson introduce the band members and his oder brothers.  I never knew that Tito was such a great blues guitarist.  He is showcased here and he does a great job of playing a B.B. King style Blues ballad.  Michael stops the show to introduce his mother, Latoya & Janet Jackson.  It’s cute to see Janet all of maybe 5 years old standing up to take a bow.  This footage is of great quality as well.

Apocalypse Sound has done a fantastic job in putting this DVD and packaging together.  The artwork contains many color pictures of Michael in action on stage as well as a few Jackson 5 pics.  The DVD is contained in a tri-fold (standard size) cardboard package.  I for one am not a huge Michael Jackson fan and I find it hard to look past the allegations against him and his eccentric behavior at times but this DVD allowed me to be impressed by his entertaining prowess.  If that’s the sole purpose of this DVD then it definitely did its job.  For that I thank Apocalypse sound for releasing a true gem of a DVD.  (HarleyDog Feb. 2008)

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