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  1. ‘Emerson Lincoln Palmer’ made me chuckle!

  2. Back in 1975 when I was 10, I had 2 friends who were older boys that lived on my street. One liked Kiss, the other liked ELP. I played “air Hammond” way before than the guitar version became the rage. ELP just feckin’ “did” it for me. The songs and the absolute expertise displayed by the band made me the musical snob that I am today. I never got a chance to see them in the 70’s, the blizzard of ’78 cancelled the plan I had to force my dad to drive me that night to Princeton to see them and later, the Ice Storm knocked out power the Friday night they were on the Midnight Special. But by 79 they had floundered and vanished and my love for them was replaced by all out love for Todd Rundgren, but I digress. ELP will always be the music of my years between 75 and 78, when I would go with my Mom to pick up my Dad at the train station after work. Dad thought that ELP was really a guy named Emerson Lincoln Palmer. L’arff. Anyway, I just want to say that I miss both E & L and without them, my world would have been a less musical and boring world. Dorme bene.

  3. I had the pleasure to see ELP in the summer of 1998 on a co headlining tour with Deep Purple. I can remember how much I enjoyed their set and they encored with 21st Century Schizoid Man which made me scream at the top of my lungs ! With all the musicians we have lost this year, nice to have such a positive memory of such a talent group. Thank you Greg Lake and Keith Emerson.

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