Empress Valley issue a Blueberry Hill matrix!

The millionth outing for this classic boot and it’s announced as a new one.

Apparently a ‘stereo matrix master’, different sources make up this new version of the 4th of September, 1970 show. However @skabmaluke on Twitter points out that a 4 matrix master already exists on Dime – Is this press a version of that? We’ll wait and see when it drops, I guess.

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  1. Thanks for all the great, interesting reviews recently &/or lately, but the bizarre log-in & posting attempt problems still persist, at least for me if not everybody else as well.

    • It’s not just you, Axeman. I noticed my own connection has been sliding too. It’s an ongoing struggle ..

  2. To Relayer67…..

    Thanks very much for your very interesting review of “Radio City Music Hall 1973”, for which I couldn’t find anything to disagree with, except that there’s at least one other previous release of the show, which was the 2-pro-CD-R “Obscured Moon” by the Blue Cafe pro-CDR label.

    Note for Stuart…..

    Very unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that I’m discovering that I’m still not able to post in the appropriate places or msg. threads where I should be, but only occasionally, in rather bizarre, inappropriate places/threads, when I find myself ironically somehow still logged in, when/where I certainly shouldn’t be.


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