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New Zeppelin box set from Empress Valley

Empress Valley have now released their massive Led Zeppelin box set covering the entire Australian Tour. Thunder Down Under – The Complete 1972 Australian and New Zealand Recordings! is a 20 CD + 1 DVD Box Set that will include two versions of each show (main & alternate sources). According to the label, this is reported to feature upgrades, previously unreleased sources and the lowest generation source material ever released on disk and is limited to 100 copies. This has the potential to be an amazing set.

If you liked this review, buy me a cup of joe. (Suggested: $3 a shot or $7.5 for a double)

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  1. I am expecting to get my copy next week so will do a short review for everyone.

    I can get an extra copy for trade if anyone interested. Please PM for details if anyone’ after.

  2. I think we should wait and then put a final verdict. From what I was told, EVSD this time released this in a different way (none of these discs are reisues of older titles/mixes) and the only real issue is a replacement disc.

  3. As with all Empress Valley releases since its change in management/ownership some years ago, caveat emptor is most certainly applicable to this VERY expensive release. Gerard Sparaco’s review of EVSD’s For Badge Holders Only box rip-off seems most apt in this context, particularly now that it’s been disclosed that there are unacceptable problems with this Australia box set that should have been completely ironed out before shipping to customers:

    “Collectors use the terms “mess” and “disaster” when referring to this and it is a shame because the packaging is gorgeous. It looks like this boxset was rushed for some reason and one wonders why? Although the hope is that this will sell out instantly and be a huge ticket item in the future like Deep Throat, this will actually follow the path of the Destroyers boxset which was also flawed and is found in the bargain bins.”

    With the exception of EVSD’s self-proclaimed soundboard revolution, which has now become more about collector unrest with a spate of releases of comparable shows from the same era, collectors should proceed with great care before plunking down hard earned cash for this likely disappointment.

  4. I received a message saying that initial copies of this box set have problems with the content because one of the shows is included in the same version on two different pair of discs by mistake.

    It will take a week or even more to be replaced so everyone who already purchased this box set are calling to either contact with their suppliers or wait a bit longer to purchase a corrected version.

    Please also feel free to PM for more infos since I am not allowed to publish all the infos in someone’s name.

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