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Led Zeppelin – That’s Alright New York (Godfather Records 327/328/329)

That’s Alright New York (Godfather Records 327/328/329)
Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY – February 12, 1975

Disc 1 (55:59):  01. Rock And Roll (4:53), 02. Sick Again (6:01), 03. Over The Hills And Far Away (8:40), 04. In My Time Of Dying (12:40), 05. The Song Remains The Same (6:06), 06. The Rain Song (8:52), 07. Kashmir (8:47)

Disc 2 (49:36):  01. No Quarter (19:02), 02. Trampled Underfoot (9:31), 03. Moby Dick (21:03)

Disc 3 (65:14):  01. Dazed And Confused (33:55), 02. Stairway To heaven (13:16), 03. Whole Lotta Love (1:52), 04. Black Dog (6:04), 05. Heartbreaker (10:07)

When Empress Valley released the soundboard for this show it was a revelation of sorts.  Not only was it previously uncirculated but it sounds as if it’s a professionaly mixed multi-track recording.  The general consesus among collectors was that this recording was the best of the best and could not get any better.  UNTIL NOW!!!  Godfather has pulled off a miracle.  This new release has taken what was already a three layer cake and added the richest icing possible.  Godfather has improved the seemingly unimprovable.  They did what was said couldn’t be done.  They have taken the best sounding soundboard out there and turned it into the best sounding soundboard ever…  Sure Flying Circus is great but this recording blows it away.  Godfather used a professional recording studio to work their magic on this release.  This release may definitely take the place of the official Live Led Zeppelin releases in my collection.  This release has a beefier sound to it which overall makes this a slamming recording.  There’s absolutely no hiss present and this is as clean as it gets.  This  release will help to set Godfather’s Legacy in stone.

One thing that has confused me over the years is that inside the first edition of Luis Rey’s “Led Zeppelin Live” book he lists both the audience and soundboard sources for this show.  Mysteriously the next two editions of his book have only the audience source listed.  Obviously Mr. Rey had access to the soundboard long before any of the rest of us did.  We’re talking at least 10 years in between the first edition of his book and the release of Flying Circus.  I don’t ever remember too much of a stink made over the listing of the Soundboard and no actual soundboard circulating.  Someone in the know got to Mr. Rey and hushed him up.  Conspiracy Theories at their finest.  That right there proves to me that there’s still plenty of stuff circulating amonsgst the “Elite” collectors that the rest of us have no idea about.

This release is packaged in the typical Godfather Gatefold with numerous pictures of the band.  Inside is another short summary by Mr. Paul De Luxe.  He basically writes a short summary of the show.  The soundboard source has been previously released as Flying Circus (Eelgrass & Empress Valley Supreme Disc) and Madison Square Graffiti (Red Devil).  Audience source #1 has previously been released on LP as The Final Option (Rock Solid Records & The Swingin’ Pig Records), In Concert (Rock Solid Records), In Person (Rock Solid Records), Live At Madison Square Garden 1975 (no label issues & Zep Toepper), Live In Madison Square Garden Part 1&2 (Box Top Records), Madison Square Garden (The Swingin’ Pig Records) & Madison Square garden 1975 (The Swingin’ Pig Records) and on CD as The 10th US Tour (Whole Lotta Live), Can’t Take Your Evil Ways (The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin),  Can’t Take Your Evil Ways Un-Cut Version (The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin), Four Blocks In The Snow (The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin), Good To Be Back In New York City (Planet), Heartbreakers Back In Town Pts 1&2 (TNT Studios), The Jumpleg (Tarantura), Ladies And Gents (Tarantura2000), M.S.G. 1975 (Last Stand Disc, both issues), & Shakin’ All Over (Triangle Records).  Audience Source #2 has previously been released on CD as Four Blocks In The Snow (The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin) & That’s All Right NewYork (Electric Magic)”.  The combined sources have been previously released as “Four Blocks In The Snow (Small Fish CD-R).  DVD-A versions were released as Flying Circus (Empress Valley Supreme Disc) & Heartbreakers Back In Town (Genuine Masters).

I’ve always held Flying Circus in high regard due to the sound quality but this release has taken over the coveted spot of “Best Soundboard in  Circulation!”  Hands down it wins!  Thanks must got to Godfather for taking something amazing and making it extraordinary.  Eat Your Heart Out Empress Valley.

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  1. I have been listening to the different releases & downloads ( remasters) of this show and while all of them are excellent the Godfather takes the cake. Just inches away from official quality . An excellent release for an excellent show. Now, is the Valentine’s Day a better performance? Yes, slightly better but it doesn’t have the emotional weight of this one where the guys finally realize that they are “back” and that they can go back to being the real Zepp. If the Dazed on this show doesn’t put a smile on your face after all the shit they have been through since January then you don’t know your Zeppelin. Note the improv on this and the next Heartbreakers and the jam with Ron Wood.This show brings them back and they know it!

  2. I listened to “Dazed And Confused” and could not find a glitch or drop out by the end. Could you be more specific?

  3. I have the Red Devil label. How does that fare with the Godfather?

  4. The Bootledz site mentions a glitch/drop towards the end of “Dazed and Confused” on the Godfather that isn’t present on the EV. Can anyone pinpoint this…?

  5. I’m in the minority side here, but I do prefer EV’s than Godfather’s.

  6. I have gathered that the sound quality of this release and EV’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre are both superb. Of these two shows which is a better performance?

  7. I’m with Hager, this release is disappointing. The soundboard was incredible to begin with. Godfather did nothing but add on a ton of reverb. And they’ve moved the track markers from the Empress Valley bootleg, which is why there are cuts in those spots.

    I know we all want the latest and greatest new release, but the sound on this one doesn’t hold a candle to the Empress Valley bootleg.

    If it ain’t broke…

  8. I don’t know what the Plantation was about Monty Python, but I know the Brits loved ’em at the time. I’ve read stories about how Kieth Moon and Ringo would go for hours re-enacting Python scits for hours. They were a classic comedy group. “We are the Knights who say nicht”

  9. While I agree that this is a must-have title with exceptional sound quality, I’d just like to mention a few things. There are quite a few cuts in Robert’s chat with the crowd, and an obvious cut during “Moby Dick” immediately before the electronic treatments. Bonzo’s cymbals are extremely saturated throughout, Plant’s vocals slightly less so, which probably wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been listening to “The Great Lost Live Album” so much lately, which is truly sublime. The biggest casualty is “Trampled Underfoot”, which sounds rather slushy until Jimmy’s solo comes to the foreground of the mix. JPJ’s electric piano sounds fantastic in “No Quarter”, really mesmerising. Amazing sound overall, but the saturation is a tad harsh in places.

    Anyone know what Plant’s Monty Python reference is all about…? How did Jonesy make Monty Python a flop in New York…?

  10. I am only a very casual Zep fan but after such glowing reviews I had to check this release out so I popped out today and got it. Hmm, the sound is beyond belief for a mid 70’s soundboard (drums a bit quiet perhaps) but what hasn’t been emphasised here is that the performance is also excellent which, with Zeppelin, isn’t always the case. So top performance and incredible quality means if you buy just one live Zep then this is the one to go for.

  11. I would like to thank the site as well as all the previous comments as they led me to purchase this Godfather release. In regards to sound quality, I have to agree that this sounds better to me than Flying Circus. I like to listen to music like this LOUD and through speakers. If you like to FEEL the music(sorry ipod users out there) this is the set for you. The drums are much better sounding although still under represented in the mix. I can crank this set and it sounds GREAT. Close to an official release in terms of sound quality. I was very happy to get this. Best to you all.

  12. This title that Godfather released is flat out Amazing. I own 7 different labels of this show and without a second thought after Jimmy hit that first cord; This is…”The Example of Supreme.” All the current labels should grab a copy of this and frame it, hang it on their walls, and while gazing at it, realize this is Mastering at it’s Finest!

  13. Godfather’s title really sounds excellent. EV sounds excellent too but after listening to Godfather for a while, EV seems a bit too bright. Godfather has the eq toned down some and sounds more like an official release.

  14. Chris,

    I appreciate your honest opinion. Although it differs from mine I can still see the merit of it. After all the (Honest) opinions of everyone is what makes this hobby interesting. Thanks for your comment.

  15. To my ears, this title doesn’t come close to Empress Valley’s Flying Circus in power, range (low, mid, high) or depth of sound. EV’s title has always benefitted from quite an up-front finish, with the DVD-A edition arguably adding a bit of polish onto the already superb mastering. Godfather’s effort is, for me, unfortunately muddier than EV’s, with Bonzo poorly (and fatally) underpresented. Sure, his hi-hat cymbals can be grating at times on EV’s Flying Circus, but they’re still audible as a big part of the music. They’re mushed down on Godfather’s release, which also has a quirky skip toward the very end of his solo in “Rock and Roll” before launching into “Sick Again”. As a result, for me, and given the limited time/desire I have to spend juxtaposing one label’s version of the same concert recording put out by a different label, EV’s Flying Circus reigns supreme to my ears (no pun intended for evSd).

  16. No, this isn’t a so-called “matrix” either and it hasn’t been downloaded from RO.

  17. So is this just a tweeking of the EV Flying Circus SB release or could it be a matrix of the EV SB and the excellent audience recording in existance? A member of the Royal Orleans forum did a matrix which supposed to be excellent…..

  18. I was wrong in my review when I stated that Luis Rey listed both the Soundboard and Audience sources for this show in the 1st edition of his book. It’s on page 155 that he lists the soundboard source only. In the next 2 editions of his book he only lists the audience source. I highly doubt this was a misprint since he states “Excellent recording from the mixing desk. Clear and balanced, no doubt the best from the first leg of the tour and one of the best of 1975.”

  19. Godfather is now the standard setting label. Hands down.

  20. I didn’t know that about Rey. Maybe that was a mistake?

    That’s Alright New York is not from the “master” or from a so-called “multi-track” (a very trendy word these days). It is the same soundboard used by Empress Valley and Eelgrass for Flying Circus.

    However, the remastering job done on the tape is tremendous and adds depth and clarity to an already great tape. Godfather is the standard version of this show.

  21. I’ve told you it’s better than EV…

  22. I could not agree more with HarleyDog on this one. The quality of this release is quite simply jaw dropping. Best Zeppelin soundboard I’ve ever heard. It’s a no brainer…get it.

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