New releases from the Far East

A group of assorted rarities and upgrades has appeared within the past week;

Pink Floyd, ‘Complete Copenhagen 1971’ is the SpeakEzy labels release of this ‘Atom Heart Mother’ era tour show.

Roger Waters, ‘Us And Them North America 2017 – Live in Tampa’ is a multi IEM and audience matrix recorded at the Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL, USA on the 11th July, 2017 from the Xavel label (Spotting a thread with these artworks?)

The Xavel label have also produced a new McCartney boxed set, ‘One On One at Amalie Arena & Infinite Energy Arena’ a 6 CD, 1 BDR and 1 DVD boxed set – These recordings are, again, recorded at the Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL, USA on the 10th July, 2017 (Someone had a busy couple of nights there!) and the Infinite Energy Arena, Duluth, GA, USA on the 13th July, 2017. The audio is from multi IEM and audio matrix recordings and also feature songs from the ‘soundcheck parties’.

The Graf Zeppelin label have brought out a 6 CD set, ‘Super Stars! Definitive 924 tapes’. Considering the many releases of these Japanese shows – we can only wonder what makes this release ‘definitive’.

Rounding up the latest DaC releases, their first release was ‘Hyde Park, July 1969’ featuring two radio broadcasts of the infamous free concert, the first from an audience source broadcast on Dutch Radio Veronica, the second source, a soundboard from WLIR radio for the 10th anniversary of the show. These shows were originally piece together and uploaded to to internet.

‘Midnight Ramblers’ covers two classic shows, one from the Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, November 10th, 1969, the next from MSG, New York, July 26th, 1972. The label suggest these are both from TMOQ sources, though it remains to be heard if they were from the original tapes lent from Dub or are from clean vinyl. 

‘Get Your Kicks’ compiles from French Radio / Europe 1 “Musicorama” L’Olympia, Paris, France April 18th, 1965, BBC Radio – The Joe Loss Pop Show April 10th, 1964, BBC Top Of The Pops #1 -Top Gear- March 6th, 1965. BBC Top Of The Pops #2 -Yeh! Yeh!- Aug 30th, 1965 and BBC Top Of The Tops #3 – Saturday Club – Sept. 18th, 1965. The umpteenth time ‘Paris’ has been released and just to complete for these internet uploads (Not that there’s much wrong with that!)

Finally, ‘Live In Holland’, gets a release. The opening show from the tour of 1990 (This show was from the 18th of May), despite it making it’s silver debut, and after a long while, the label have printed one of the ugliest covers to promote it with.

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  1. I forgot to say that the Floyd show in Copenhagen 1971-09-23 by SpeakEzy is actually from the Meddle era tour…not the Atom Heart Mother era.

    Also, here’s some track listing info. about it that may be helpful…..

    Disc 1 (60:15)
    1. Introduction ★数カ所カットあり
    2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
    3. Fat Old Sun
    4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun ★8:46付近以降Rec2で補填
    5. Atom Heart Mother ★0:00-8:05付近までRec2で補填

    Disc 2 (78:10)
    1. Soundcheck
    2. Echoes
    3. Cymbaline ★イントロ頭約2秒、5:18-5:21 Rec2補填
    4. A Saucerful Of Secrets ★イントロ約70秒 Rec2で補填
    5. Blues

    Bonus Track
    6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Rec 2)

    Also, “Atom Heart Mother” is complete (over 15 minutes), unlike some versions that have only part of the song, and the STTP (Shout to the Top) version, which has it listed on its artwork but has it actually completely absent from both discs.

  2. I just got the Floyd show in Copenhagen 1971-09-23 by SpeakEzy, and so far it’s excellent, as I’m listening to it right now as I type this message. I have approx. a dozen SpeakEzy releases by now, maybe even a little more than that, and so far all of them have been rather excellent. Nothing about any of my SpeakEzy CD titles by Floyd, Roger Waters, Cream, and Derek & The Dominos, and maybe Eric Clapton as well (I can’t seem to remember ordering or owing any particular Clapton CD releases by SpeakEzy, but it wouldn’t surprise if I actually have one or 2 in my CD collection that I just can’t recall right now), have disappointed me in any significant way whatsoever. A very reliable, trustworthy label in my opinion. Anybody dare to disagree about SpeakEzy?

    • Thanks for the heads up on the Floyd title, Me thinks I will pick it up and see how it compares to Sirene’s Danish Blues

      • I think it sounds noticeably better than “Danish Blues”, in addition to having “Atom Heart Mother” complete rather than missing the first several-minute chunk of it, although the first several minutes of the SpeakEzy version of AHM, which are missing on the old Sirene version, are patched in from an inferior source (Recorder 2). The Recorder 1 source sounds excellent overall, but what really seems to stand out is how Nick Mason’s drums & percussion sound…so esp. clear & sharp.

    • Yes agree about the SpeakEzy label, quality over quantity. Their version of the Floyd “Abbey Road To Britannia Row” sessions was also excellent. Affordable too.


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