Rolling Stones – HooDoo U VooDoo

HooDoo U VooDoo

Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami Florida, USA 11/25/94

2- Proshot Silver Pressed

Disc 1 NTSC Video Format (USA)

Disc 2 PAL Video Format (Europe)

PCM Stereo

DVD1 (81:47) Intro; Not Fade Away; Tumbling Dice; You Got Me Rocking; Rocks Off;Sparks Will Fly; Live With Me (W/ Sheryl Crow); Satisfaction; Beast Of Burden; Angie; Dead Flowers; Sweet Virginia (W/ Woopie Goldberg); Do Do Do Heartbreaker; It’s All Over Now; Stop Breaking Down Blues (W/ Robert Cray); Who Do You Love (W/ Bo Diddley); I Go Wild

DVD2 (99:00): Miss You; Band Intros; Honky Tonk Women; Before They Make Me Run; The Worst; Sympathy For The Devil; Monkey Man; Street Fighting Man; Start Me Up; Brown Sugar; Jumpin Jack Flash (W/ Woopie Goldberg); Bonus: Mick Taylor Live 1996 Can’t You Hear Me Knockin

This DVD title was released in the wave of Stones videos which seemed to hit the market about 4-5 years ago. The main video on this release is a copy of the Stones PPV Miami show with Whoopee Goldberg as MC.  An edited version of this concert was released as the, now OOP, Official Voodoo Lounge DVD but in this case we get the complete show.  This 2 DVD set does not sport a label so I have no idea who is putting these titles out but I was told they are coming from a former Soviet Bloc Eastern European country. As far as I know this is the only silver pressed version of this show available but I welcome any feedback from members on other label releases.

One oddity with this release is that Disc 1 is NTSC (U.S.) video format while Disc 2 is PAL ( Euro) video format. I have verified this by checking it out on several different DVD players. Unless you have a DVD player which plays both formats you will have an unplayable Disc 2.

The DVDs come in a very slick package similar to the fantastic Way of Wizards label releases. The two discs come in a gate fold four panel foldout digipack with the disc holders on the outer two panels. There are pictures of the Stones in concert on each inside panel. The outside of the digipack is identical to the slip box cover which it slips into. Very nice package indeed!

1.     Stones Joe Robbie Stadium

The video must be sourced from VHS as you see an occasional horizontal scratch flash by with a small tracking mark at the bottom of the screen. The picture is excellent with very detailed images close-up and long distance with virtually no generational loss of detail. The colors are very tight and true with no bleeding or blooming. You do catch a hint of graininess when colored stage lights come on but you have to be looking for it to notice. Because of the quality of the picture my guess is this is either a first gen VHS or SVHS copy made on an expensive multihead  high end recorder. Only a barely perceptible softness and grain to the picture prevents this from getting an EX+ score. …You can notice the difference when you compare this to the Voodoo Lounge official release which of course is dual layer Pro DVD quality. The video is almost good enough to be official release quality.

The audio for this release and is a VG video soundtrack. The usual background VHS video hum is not present on the soundtrack which is a plus. Mick’s vocals dominate the mix with the guitars well defined but back in the mix. Drums and bass are buried, muddy, can only be heard clearly occasionally and are slightly boomy. The soundtrack actually sounded a little muted to my ears with a lack of crispness in the treble range. This is an average Video SB, not terrible, but not anything to get excited about. I have the “Miami Dice” CD version of this soundtrack and seem to remember it being crisper and better balanced.

Like most of the Voodoo Lounge performances I have seen and listened to this one is an excellent performance. Mick hams it up a little too much for the cameras as is usual for these types of broadcast events. Again for me the older songs are the stars of the show with an excellent version of “Monkey Man” and I especially enjoyed the Bo Diddley guest appearance on “Who Do You Love”.  

2. Mick Taylor Live 1996 “Can’t You Hearing Me Knocking”

The video for this segment is about VG in quality from a VHS source with occasional tracking line and some scratches in the film. This claims to be “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” but it is basically a loose 26 minute instrumental jam which begins with the end of CYHMK but then is just a jazz jam with drum and bass solos. It is a one camera shoot, on a tripod I would guess, with the camera focused on Mick T’s hands a majority of the time so you don’t see much of the band. The picture is decent with good detail on close-ups which is pretty much all you get. There is a lot of grain, the colors bleed, bloom and are not true as they have shifted due to generational loss. This is Interesting semi professional video of an older Mick T.

The  audio is about VG- and listenable but is somewhat muffled with not much high end. It sounds like a speaker with a blanket over it. There are times when there is some sizzle as if the tape is being overloaded.  Not too exciting but decent enough quality to keep your interest.

The Stones video is another very good show from the VL tour with excellent picture and average audio. It is great to finally see the complete show instead of the edited official release but out of all the VL tour videos I have watched I would still have to give the Tokyo Dome show top honors and that is the one to get if you want one video from the VL tour. But as a fan this is a very nice video and one you will want to watch more than once for the video quality. The Mick Taylor stuff is a novelty and for Mick T fans only I think. I doubt I would watch more it then once or twice….

Excellent packaging and video quality so my only real bitch is I don’t understand why this label would release a two disc show in two different video formats??!!  I would be pissed if I bought this and my DVD player only played one format and I could not watch one of the discs!!! As a result of this I can only give this release a “Recommended with reservations” rating…………

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