Rolling Stones – Swayed In Columbus 2005 (Dog N Cat DAC-041)

Swayed In Columbus 2005 (Dog N Cat DAC-041)

Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH – September 24th, 2005

Disc 1:  Intro., Brown Sugar, You Got Me Rocking, She’s So Cold, Tumbling Dice, Rough Justice, Back of My Hand, Sway, All Down the Line, Mr. Pitiful, band introductions, The Worst, Infamy.

Disc 2:  Miss You (B-stage), Oh No Not You Again (B-stage), Shattered (B-stage), Honky Tonk Women (B-stage), Sympathy for the Devil, It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, Start Me Up, Jumping Jack Flash, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Satisfaction

The Stones’ show in Columbus on September 24th is already legendary for being one of the best from A Bigger Bang tour.  This is most likely due to their weeklong break and rehearsals in Ontario right before this, but this show saw them alter the set list and play with a renewed energy. 

There are several tape sources and Swayed In Columbus utilizes an excellent sounding stereo audience DAT recording.  This is the same source used for the Silent Seas Records release from some months back.  Dog N Cat worked with the tape to fatten the bottom end giving this a very rich and deep stereo effect that is very easy to listen to.

The tape begins with the taper and his friends talking about the show and that the Stones have never played “Sway” before live.  It’s a puzzle why they are speaking about it in the first place, but one of the guys seems to know what they will play right before they play it.  In any event, “Start Me Up” is dropped as the opening song in favor of “Brown Sugar”. 

That track begins a bit rough but quickly finds its way.  “She’s So Cold” is “flawless” according to the taper, and he also predicts “Rough Justice.” 

“Back Of My Hand” is introduced as “a blues” by Mick and is very tight.  “We’re gonna do this one that we’ve never done before…” Mick says before an acceptable version of “Sway”.  The song ends with a reprise of the first couple of lines and sounds acceptable for the first time ever played live.  (“I’ve been waiting years to hear that one,” our commentator says).

“All Down The Line” is another addition to the set list and sounds amazing, all before playing “Mr. Pitiful”, another unique performance.  After the band introductions they play the Keith set with “The Worst” sounding horrible and is the weakest part of the set.  It’s obvious he can’t sing a ballad and should have been left off.  “Infamy” works much better, hitting a nice groove. 

“Shattered” is added to the B-stage set in lieu of “Satisfaction” and Mick personalizes the lyrics for the city by singing ‘to live in Columbus, you must be tough tough tough tough!”   The song is noticeably out of tune though.  The rest of the concert ends very strong though with a great version of “Sympathy For The Devil” and “Satisfaction” used as the second encore.  The praise heaped on this show is justified despite some weak spots. 

Overall this is a great document and Dog N Cat did a nice job working with the tape and comes in their usual excellent packaging.

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