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Two new Bruce Springsteen titles on Crystal Cat

From one of the foremost Springsteen labels, two new releases are due to land very soon.


‘Herning Wrecking Ball Night’ is a triple set from May 16th, 2013 – The second night in Denmark on that tour – presumably it has been kept in archives for a while unless it was obtained by CC for release from another source.
Bonus tracks on tracks come from the 1st night on the 14th and from the Goffertpark show in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on the 22nd of June.


Certainly not from the CC archives is, ‘Live In Boston, May 31st, 1981’. Having been released before on the titles “Looking For That Million Dollar Sound” (On the BM label) and “Early Darkness” (Masterpiece) – It’s suggested that CC have a MAJOR upgrade on their hands with this one.

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