Some more new releases

While the bootleg world might be a little quiet at the moment, there are some rarities that are not to be missed ..


‘Melbourne Madness’ purports to be an upgrade to the famous Beatles Australian concerts from 1964. These have been released multiple times over the years, it remains to be heard what could be done to make them that much better.


From tapes that were made available on the internet earlier this year, ‘Love You Live Mixes 2016’ is a new release on the Idol Mind label. There were only 4 tracks taken from the Paris recording 1976 (One other was from Cleveland ’75) that have turned up that were unused for the album so while the Shuffle Play label have used just those 5, the IMP lot have bundled out the time on the rest of the disk by utilising a clean vinyl rip of the old LP ‘From San Fransisco to Paris’ and also added two tracks from traders tapes.
These are all soundboard stereo recordings.


‘Rock and Roll Party in Budokan’ is the latest Kiss release from Speakezy. A recording from an unknown source, recorded on the 1st of April, 1977.


A rarity in a new Miles Davis recording, ‘Moment; 1964 Japan tour definitive edition’ features 2 recordings from both Kyoto and Tokyo, July 1964.


The first of 2 sets from Xavel, ‘L.A. 3rd Night’ is a recording of the David Gilmour show from the Forum at Inglewood, CA on the 27th of March, 2016.


Rush, ‘R40KC’ is a multiple IEM and audience matrix of the shows at the Sprint centre, Kansas City, MO on the 9th of July, 2015.

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  1. Anyone know where I can get this Rush release, Rush, ‘R40KC’ ? I have not seen it offered at my regular dealers…[email protected]

  2. “Melbourne Meltdown” is a great sounding CD. It is best version of these gigs I have heard. Vocals are crisp and up in the mix. Crowd noise has been taken down a notch. Just my opinion as these things are so subjective. I prefer the sound on Melbourne Meltdown to the 2Cd from YD in 1999 and” All The Best from Australia” which was also a single disc release with both shows.

  3. I had a chance to listen to a portion of the new Stones Love you Live remixes and they sound great. Very interesting story by the guy who remixed them as well. I ordered The new Beatles Cd too as my previous Aussie disc was borrowed by a friend who lent it to some individual I didn’t know and never returned. Never loaned a disc since. Lesson learned.


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