Aerosmith – Good Condition In Kyoto (Tarantura TCDAS-3-1, 2)


Good Condition In Kyoto (Tarantura TCDAS-3-1, 2)

Kyoto Kaikan Dai-Ichi Hall, Kyoto, Japan – February 6, 1977

Disc 1: (43:55) Jaws/Monitor Check, Toccata And Fugue in D minor BWV 565, Introduction, Mama Kin, Write Me, S.O.S.(Too Bad), Lick And A Promise, Big Ten Inch Record, Sweet Emotion, Rats In The Cellar, Dream On, Lord Of The Thighs

Disc 2: (45:58) Last Child, Walk This Way, Sick As A Dog, Same Old Song And Dance, Train Kept A Rollin’, Drum Solo, Train Kept A Rollin’, Bat Man, Get The Lead Out, Toys In The Attic, Tape Music/Announcement

Aerosmith played seven shows in Japan in 1977. Good Condition In Kyoto is the fifth show of the tour and is the third Mr. Peach source to surface and just may be the best sounding so far. Like most Mr. Peach sources it is punchy with an overall decent mix of what’s happening on the stage. It may lack a bit of clarity in the bass guitar but the sound is generally excellent with very little crowd interference. The set list would remain pretty much the same throughout the Japanese tour. “Write Me” and “Sick As A Dog” would be dropped toward the end of the tour but are still present here in Kyoto. Aerosmith were supporting their latest LP, Rocks.

“Mama Kin” has a few brief spots of low end feedback that are quickly taken care of by the sound engineer and the sound settles down with the mix really coming together nicely by the end. “Write Me” and “S.O.S.” follow in quick succession. Funny how even after four albums they still rely on the very early stuff to open the show, a testament to how great the early material really is. Tyler sounds great in “Write Me”, and “S.O.S.” absolutely kicks butt tonight.

“Lick And A Promise” is a very solid version with some Stones influences coming out in the guitar riffs. Immediately following, Joey Kramer wastes no time and starts the groove to “Big Ten Inch Record” where Tyler gets to blow some harp. The Fred Weismantel penned track has been the controversy of some misconstrued lyrics that just happens to be right up Tyler’s alley. 

Tyler jokes “We’re gonna do a song that was once released as Wang Dang Doodle, it’s taken on a whole new meaning” before the “Sweet Emotion” intro. This obviously has nothing to do with the Willie Dixon song. The maraca laced intro sounds nice along with Joe Perry’s talk box guitars. The end erupts into chaos with a flurry of solos before Tyler joins in for the harmony. “Rats In The Cellar” follows with its hard and heavy driving rhythm, a true highlight from the Rocks LP, and the records counterpart to “Toys In The Attic”.

Joe Perry is extra playful during “Dream On” adding some additional licks here and there which certainly makes for an interesting listen. Tyler also seems a little conservative in his vocal but really goes for it during the scream. Joe’s extra riffing carries over into “Lord Of The Thighs”. Brad Whitford gets in some smokin’ solos of his own in the outro before Perry takes the reins again. Joe will also take the back seat during “Last Child” one of the two tracks Brad wrote for Rocks, giving Whitford the lead spot. The talk box makes another appearance in “Walk This Way”. Perry uses it in the intro and sporadically throughout.

Tyler sounds like he fudges his way through the first couple of lines in “Sick As A Dog”, something he is no stranger to. They play a really nice version of “Same Old Song And Dance” with some great guitar solos and even Tom Hamilton gets to cut loose a bit at the end. Tyler preps the crowd for some vocal accompaniment where he gets the audience to respond to his “Train Kept A Rollin” with “All Night Long”. Steven introduces “the greatest drummer in the universe, Mr. Joey Kramer” before the drum solo section. Tonight’s version of “Train” not only contains a bit of the “Batman Theme” but they jam on “Get The Lead Out” from Rocks. Perry also hints at the intro riff for “Adam’s Apple” before a short but full band version of “Movin’ Out” from their first record. A nice surprise indeed.

Mr. Peach keeps the tape running while waiting for the band to return for the encore. Aerosmith comes back with “Toys In The Attic”, the common choice during this tour. They play a kick ass version of the track that starts with a slow blues intro. The sole encore brings another successful Aerosmith concert to a close. Kansas’ “What’s On My Mind” can be heard over the PA during the final announcements.

Tarantura packaged Good Condition In Kyoto is their usual gatefold glossy paper sleeve with photos of Tyler and Perry on the actual discs. Another big “thank you’ must go out to Mr. Peach for capturing so many of these great concerts in such great quality and to Tarantura for making them available to the fans. This is a must have for any Aerosmith collector.

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