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Interesting set of new releases

The TCOLZ label will release Out Of The Bristol Tale (TCOLZ 047/048).   This is a two disc set with the newly surfaced January 8th, 1970 Bristol tape, the night before their famous Royal Albert Hall performance. 

The Jeff Beck Group Rock My Plimsoul(Wardour-064) continues the interest in Jeff Beck’s career with the tape from the Grande Ballroom in Detroit on November 3rd, 1968 in truly amazing sound. 

Pink Floyd Creatures Of The Deep (Sigma 39) is a three disc set containing two tape sources for the October 23rd, 1970 Santa Monica, California show. 

Page & Plant Wembley 1995is a four disc set with new masters from the final days of the first European tour on July 25th and July 26th in Wembley.  A special edition, pictured above, is strictly limited to fifty copies.  The normal edition, pictured below, is a regular pressing. 

Bob Dylan Summer Nights Are Gone is a two disc compilation featuring acoustic numbers taken from his 1996 summer tour of Europe.

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  1. I appreciate the extra vinyl or novelty discs only if they’re at least equal in quality (being an “alternatve” version, that is), or superior in at least one minor way. Otherwise, I certainly don’t like ’em, and they most likely end up being a major factor in my decision on whether or not to get a certain title if I’m having trouble making up my mind. If I surely want the main release, though, as in this particular case (Sigma 399), then I don’t mind the extra disc or 2. And if I’m fairly sure that I won’t be ordering/purchasing the main release anyway, then my not wanting the extra disc(s) serve to re-affirm my decision not to do so. Extra disc or not, either way, Sigma 39 surely beats the hell out of getting the swine flu or any flesh-eating bacteria.

  2. If the 3rd disc of the new Sigma release is a second source and not just a “vinyl” relplica, that would be great. Either way, looking forward to the review-welcome back Plomerus!

  3. Just a quick follow-up here now that I’ve had at least one pass through discs 1 & 2 – while I haven’t compared it directly to “Bovine Psychosis” it’s absolutely far superior to “Sing To Me Cymbaline” for certain, and despite the qualms about disc 3, the main set sounds the best it ever has in my opinion. Full review coming soon.

  4. Sigma were under the impression there were 2 separate recorders, and that’s how it was advertised. It would be something of a misnomer if it were simply 2 sources of the same exact recording. I can confirm that disc 3 is sourced from vinyl and little effort has been made to decrackle/clean it up. I don’t mind the “original vinyl” versions included as a free bonus (like some Sirene titles for example), or if it is part of a comprehensive set including ALL known recordings (and they use virgin vinyl, clean up techniques as needed). Vinyl sources can be very warm and effective…just check out the German prog label Garden Of Delights’ work…some of their releases (100% official) were sourced from vinyl on account of the master tapes being lost, and they’ve done an amazing job…so I think it depends on the circumstance. Regarding Sigma 39, I’d have preferred it offered as a bonus item instead, but based on your comments, I went straight to disc 3…I’ve yet to listen to the main “feature” to suss its worthiness. We’ll have a final verdict soon!

  5. I recently heard that the 3rd disc on the new Sigma release is from the same tape source; but taken directly from an old vinyl title. Personally, I hate spending another $20-$25 for a disc that I have no use for or is more of a novelty item. How do you Floyd fans out there feel about these extra “vinyl” discs?

  6. Plomerus-Thanks for the update on the new Floyd. Not sure if i wanna spend the $ on the extra disc though.

  7. tmoq: Sigma 39 is a 3 disc set because discs 1 & 2 contain the complete concert as per source 1. Disc 3 is taken from a second source and contains only part of the performance…specifically: 1. Fat Old Sun 2. Cymbaline 3. A Saucerful Of Secrets 4. Atom Heart Mother

  8. The Page & Plant are identical titles. The only difference is the cover.

  9. …and what’s the difference between the special and regular editions of Page/Plant Wembley 1995….? Both covers state the same 2 dates, so are they both 4CD sets…?

  10. Can anyone guess as to why the new Sigma release is a 3 disc set?

  11. The new Floyd recording is quite exciting, and I figured Plomerus would be pleased about the news, as I remember his mentioning the prominent need for an upgrade late last year, although to my ears personally, the Hypedup version called “Bovine Psychosis”, which is the best version I know of, still sounds fairly good to me.

  12. Excellent…10/23/70 has long been overdue an upgrade…quite possibly the single greatest performance of “A Saucerful Of Secrets” of all time!

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