New DnC! New Graf Zeppelin!! New Beatles!!! And more ..

A small clutch of new releases has started to arrive from the land of the rising sun marking the start of the busy period again;


Continuing their line of releases the Dog n’ Cat label have issued two new titles recently, ‘The Brian Jones Memorial Album’ is a compilation of live, studio and radio sessions from the Stones years with the bob haired multi instrumentalist.

On the surface, it appears to be nothing but Triangle Records, “Bones And Jones” with extras but hopefully, the label might just have found enough upgrades to make this release requirable.


Their second release is ‘100 Years Ago’, it’s maid draw being that it is announced as a remaster of VGP’s ‘Goodnight Vienna’ (VGP-009) but the label have also added elements of ‘Can You Hear The Mobile’ (VGP-016) to make this a more rounded compilation of the Europe 1973 tour – We’ll add a tracklist once it becomes available.


The Graf Zeppelin label have two new releases also – “It’s Been A Long Time” – a version of the Madison Square Garden show in New York City, New York, USA on the 3rd September 1971. 6 CDs, the first 4 are noted as being; on Disc1 & 2 – Main Source: Stereo source, patching source: Mono while Discs 3 & 4 are
Main source, mono Source, patching source: stereo (Disc 4 Tr 4-8 are from a stereo source). Disks 5 & 6 are a label produced remaster.

Their other release is ‘Pb’. From both soundboard and audience recordings, this is, of course, live at the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC. Canada, 21st March 1970. There is no cover available at the time of writing.


The Beatles, ‘In Concert At Whiskey Flat’ is the oft’ bootlegged show in Philadelphia 1964. The full show is here from the soundboard and the Cleveland WGRR radio station master with another few snippets from 1964 tour shows. The additional DVD for the set features two different versions of footage from the Philadelphia appearance along with various footage from the North American tour in 1964.


‘In The United States’ covers appearances in Indianapolis and San Fransisco, Las Vegas and Seattle. The DVD features the Indianapolis concert footage, the bands arrival in the city and various our snippets from the same North American tour.


The Xavel label also have two new releases, the first is Radiohead’s slot at the Summer Sonic Tokyo and Osaka festivals on the 20th and 21st of August this year – Both IEM and audience recordings over 4 CDs.


The Michael Shenker Fest release, ‘The Return Of Captain Nemo’, is another IEM / audience mix from the Zepp Sapporo, Japan on the 26th of August, 2016. There are also releases from Osaka on the 23rd of August and Tokyo on the 24th of August. Their covers essentially the same, they are discernible in the differences in colour.


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  1. It would appear that SGT. is cherry-picking audio and video from their two volume eight DVD set covering The Beatles 1964 US Tour. I wonder if they are using the upgraded Philadelphia tape that appeared on IDOL MIND’s Philly CD subsequent to their multi DVD set. I would hope so.


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