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More Rolling Stones, UK and Beck, Bogart & Appice on silver discs

Dog N Cat released their second title with the past week.  From Paris To Toronto (DAC-127) contains the June 4th, 1976 Paris show (the same sourced used on Pavillion De Paris (DAC-046).  The Toronto part are bonus tracks from the El Mocambo tapes from March 1977, the same tapes featured on their release Sexual Healing (DAC-117).  

The rare See No Evil label released UK Eternal Rendezvous 6.21 (SNE-191), a 2CD set containing the complete June 21st, 2012 show in Kawasaki, Japan and with bonus tracks from the June 19th show in Osaka.  

And finally, Empress Valley came out with Beck, Bogart & Appice Live In Japan (EVSD-569/57).  This is a 2CD set with the May 14th, 1973 show.  

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  1. @Lordbud, Toronto 1977 has recently surfaced from lower generation tape (via torrent), and feature 3 minutes of Crazy Mama. That’s probably what DAC is releasing here. Concerning Paris June 4th….master tape of that one has also been torrented. The “nolabel” (think it was them) released that torrent on a 2CD which has been reviewed here, about 6 months ago “Pavillon de Paris 1st Day”

  2. I wish I was thinking DAC released this From Paris to Toronto for a good reason, such as newly discovered tapes of lower generational quality. Or perhaps tapes featuring extra between-song banter previously edited out of older releases. But unfortunately none of this hopeful hypothesizing rings true with DAC reality which apparently runs on the “we have nothing new, let’s release another title anyway” mindset. Sad really. No point in even downloading this material from the internet for free.

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