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new Jeff Beck and Pink Floyd

Jeff Beck Heavy Blow (Wardour-079) contains the May 3rd, 1975 Boston show from the Lampinski tape.  

Pink Floyd Maryland 1973 (Sigma 57) is a 2CD set with the June 20th, 1973 Merriweather Post Pavillion show.

The Pink Floyd Archives Volume One – Mind Your Throats Please is one DVD with the first and last performances of “Atom Heart Mother.”

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  1. Thanks for the welcome back. Just had to work and the three I just left comments on are the only three I have bought lately, I gotta downsize on my collection. But I also picked up Sigmas release of the Ft. Worth shows. Didn’t think it was an improvement over the Highland Pigs Fly Over America, gave it away and haven’t bought a Sigma title since. I’m liking GFR releases more and more these days. Have the Jeff Beck Group no label Boston Gardens set on the way.

  2. Eric99, I don’t know whatever possibly had happened to you these last few months, but it’s cool to finally see you back here, so welcome back. As for Sigma’s sound quality descriptions, they tend to be somewhat inconsistent, at least in my personal opinion, but I think they probably intend for them to be loosely or roughly ranked in the following way, going from best to worst –


    I can’t recall Sigma ever using anything less than “GREAT SOUND”, but it’s possible that Siréne or Ayanami may have.
    I sure hope that Plomerus is OK out there and that we’ll eventually hear from him again someday.

  3. I’ve noticed “truly amazing sound” is used pretty frequently and always amazing.

  4. Sorry, wgpsec – I don’t know about Jeff Beck boots, but I’m glad to see the new Floyd one by Sigma, as they were overdue again for their next one(s). It’s been described by Sigma as having “TRULY AMAZING SOUND”, which is probably somewhat of a stretch, as is often the case, esp. since the CD-R copy of the DSotM part of the show that I’ve had for years doesn’t sound much better, if any better at all, than just average for an audience recording, but still isn’t bad overall. So hearing this latest Sigma news is a rather pleasant surprise – even as much as seeing pics of the notoriously infamous Ke$ha wearing a Floyd “The Wall” T-shirt on Esquire’s site & finding out a few weeks ago that she (Kesha Rose Sebert) was book-smart enough in high school to supposedly have almost-perfect SAT scores & be accepted into Ivy League school Columbia Univ. Anyway, maybe even Ke$ha would enjoy the new Floyd show if only someone would just share it with her.

  5. Does anybody know if Jeff Beck – Heavy Blow is from the same source used on the recent no label Fire Still Burning or could this be the silver debut of the Lampinski source?

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