Finally – Revolver in Dolby Atmos – Almost

The Goldies label seem to have won the race to be the first to get ‘Revolver’, the Dolby Atmos remix to CD .. in a way.

This new CD and DVD set features Giles Martin’s Atmos remix of the Beatles 1966 album that, shamefully, wasn’t included on the deluxe box but appeared instead on streaming services.

On the CD, the manufacturer has put on the main / front multitracks and the rear multi tracks of the commercial version of the album and its singles (No outtakes were harmed, etc ..)

The DVD features audio channels plus ALL of the following;

01. Paperback Writer (Promotion Video)
02. Rain (Promotion Video)
03. Taxman (Promotion Video)
04. I’m Only Sleeping (Promotion Video)
05. Here There And Everywhere (Promotion Video)
06. Yellow Submarine (Promotion Video)
07. Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 1)
08. Got To Get You Into My Life (Second Version Unnumbered)
09. Yellow Submarine (Songwriting Work Tape)
10. Using De-Mix Technology (Giles Martin Interview)
11. How You Hear Each Beatle As An Individual In (Giles Martin Interview)
12. How Each Sound Element of Taxman Put Together For
(Giles Martin Interview)
13. How George Martin And Paul McCartney Made Eleanor Rigby
(Giles Martin Interview)
14. How De-Mix Technology Was Used On “Here There And Everywhere”
(Giles Martin Interview)
15. Giles Martin Deconstructs How The Sound Of ‘Rain’ Was
Created By The Beatles In The Studio (Giles Martin Interview)
16. John Lennon Talks About The Making Of Rain
17. John Lennon Talks About The Making Of Eleanor Rigby
18. George Harrison Talks About I’m Only Sleeping
19. George Harrison Talks About The Different Experimental Influences In Tomorrow Never Knows
20. Paul McCartney Talks About How The Beatles’ First Tape Loop Experiments Came About
21. Making The Brand New Video For The Beatles’ I’m Only Sleeping with Artist Em Cooper
22. REVOLVER Special Editions (Official Trailer)
23. REVOLVER Special Editions Are OUT NOW! (Official Trailer)
24. Get The Beatles REVOLVER Into Your Life (Official Trailer)

+ Dolby Atmos Stereo Mix
+ Dolby Atmos 5.1 Surround Mix
+ Dolby Atmos Front Channels
+ Dolby Atmos Rear Channels

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