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The Scorpio label just released Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (LZ-08025).  This is another title that will utilize the soundboard recording as a basis with the audience tapes to fill in the cuts. 

The Beatles The Evolution Of Revolution (RE-68) includes “Revolution” outtakes including the long, unedited take released earlier this year but speed corrected.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young The 1974 Excursion (EXC-74) contains a BBC radio broadcast from the September Wembley show. 

Pink Floyd The Alternate Side Of The Moon (Moon-72) is a one disc set with Dark Side outtakes. 

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  1. Just discovered that Floyd’s “Alternate Side” actually isn’t a copy of Silent Sea’s “Great Gig”, although apparently there still isn’t anything new, w/ some of it in fact being essentially the same tracks as those on Silent Sea’s “Great Gig”. The actual tracks appear to be the same 8 listed above by walterfive – in the exact same order, & described the same way on rear side of the digipak, which has fairly nice artwork.

  2. Apparently, the Pink Floyd title above is a copy of the Silent Sea release “The Great Gig In The Sky”. I think I’ve got the formula: copy, copy, rehash, press to silver…

  3. Thanks for the Floyd info. I’ve been considering getting it anyway even if it doesn’t have any material that’s indisputably new.

  4. Mad Day Out: The Evolution of Revolution
    1. Revolution (Lennon Home Demo)
    2. Revolution 1 (Slow Version Take 20– unedited long track with overdubs – Corrected speed)
    3. Revolution 2 (Fast Version- rough mix without organ overdub)
    4. Revolution 2 (Fast Version- alternate mix with live vocals made for promotional film)
    5. Revolution #9 (Avant-Guard version- alternate mix with unused overdubs)
    6. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (alternate stereo mix with unused organ overdub)
    7. I’m So Tired (early basic mono mix)
    8. I’m So Tired (Alternate stereo mix with unused guitar overdub)
    9. Step Inside Love/Los Paranois/The Way You Look Tonite/Can You Take Me Back? (John Paul & Ringo having fun during the White Album sessions)
    10. Step Inside Love (Paul home demo)

    Track 1 we’ve heard before. Track 2 is speed-corrected from the “Revolution Take…Your Knickers Off” release last year. First time we’ve seen the speed corrected version available. Track 3 I’m not sure about, but if it’s not been previously bootlegged, it’s nothing revealtory. Track 4 has been bootlegged before on several releases. Track 5 could be from “Strange Mixex” or Vigotone’s “Revolution” or one of several other minimally identified Mono or Stereo mixes, hard to tell at this point. Track 6, hard to say, several alt. mixes of this exist. Track 7 was on one of the several Anthology bootlegs, Track 8 is hard to tell, many versions of this track, including fan re-mixes and outfakes exist. Tracks 9 & 10 don’t appear to be anything new. Your mileage may vary.

  5. I got an e-mail about these last week, they are to be available next month. These are the contents:
    1. Brain Damage (“Work In Progress” mix D. Gilmour overdubs lead guitar “Where would Rock & Roll be without feedback?”)
    2. Money (Rodger Waters’ Home Demo)
    3. Time (early rough mix no lead guitar overdub)
    4. Us & Them (early rough mix– no effects)
    5. Brain Damage/Eclipse (alternate mixes made for quadraphonic version of LP)
    6. Money
    7. Us & Them/Any Colour You Like/Brain Damage/Eclipse (Tracks 6 & 7 are an alternate rundown of side 2 of the album. The songs featured here are in longer, unedited form, including many unused overdubs and production ideas, very different to the released versions. Dubbed directly from the 16-track master tapes sometime in the 90’s in perfect stereo quality.
    8. Brain Damage/Eclipse (More work-in-progress going on here. David G. has another go at dubbing lead guitar.)

    That’s from the back cover of the disc, minus some self-serving blah-blah-blah about how this is such a great release.
    Track 8 looks like the soundtrack from Pompeii, some of which was allegedly used in the Quad LP mix. I’m not familiar with the Silent Sea release, so I couldn’t guess. Maybe these track descriptions will help…

  6. I’m curiously wondering if the new Floyd release might turn out to be essentially the same as “The Great Gig in the Sky” 1-CD that was released by the Silent Sea label several months ago. Even if not, it would appear that the chances of any truly new DSotM studio material surfacing now would be almost as unlikely as Nancy McKeon posing for a girlie mag or a swimwear or lingerie pictorial, which she certainly never did even in her prime. But at least the front cover looks somewhat delicious & tasty.


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