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New Nick Drake title

There are few releases that bear Nick Drake’s name, with only 3 lifetime albums under his belt, and the scantist of studio recordings, demos, radio tracks, etc his legacy was almost on a par with that of one of his heroes – Robert Johnson.



However, a new boot has just emerged on Rover records featuring what could be the last word on the home recordings by the folk troubadour. “A Day Gone By” features numerous upgrades, new to circulation variants and session tracks that feature Nick’s playing that the estate of Nick Drake are not willing to release. Justifiably, some of the sources used previously to Nick Drake bootlegs and grey area recordings showed diminishing returns but this release promises the best of what’s out there ..

Here’s the track listing;

CD One:  
01: Strolling Down The Highway 
02: Cocaine Blues 
03: Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
04: Betty And Dupree
05: Get Together 
06: Here Come The Blues 
07: Come In To The Garden 
08: Summertime 
09: Joey 
10: Strange Meeting II
11: Milk And Honey 
12: Tomorrow Is A Long Time 
13: Courting Blues 
14: Black Mountain Blues 
15: Morning Monologue
16: Saturday Sun [I] 
17: Mayfair [III]
18: Fly [I] 
19: Hazey Jane I
20: Place To Be [Reconstruction]
21: Parasite [II]
22: Three Hours 
23: Day Is Done  
24: Time Of No reply
25: Three Hours 

01-17: The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden. 1967/1968.

18-23: Hampstead, London. 1968/1969. 

24/25: John Peel Session, BBC Radio One. Studio Five, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London. August 5, 1969. 
       Broadcast: August 6, 1969. Produced by Pete Ritzema. Engineered by Mike Harding. Fragments only. 

CD Two: 

01: Magic 
02: The Thoughts Of Mary Jane
03: Day Is Done 

04: Time Has Told Me [Take 1]
05: Saturday Sun [Take 1] 

06: River Man

07: Joey [Take 2]

08: Saturday Sun [II]
09: Saturday Sun [III]
10: Mayfair [I]
11: Mayfair [II]

12: Fly [II]
13: Parasite [I]
14: Joey [Fragment]
15: Guitar Intsrumental [aka “No. 1 – Guitar”]

16: Poor Boy 
17: Time Has Told Me 
18: Voices
19: Sketch #2 – Guitar  
20: Sketch #4 – Piano 
21: Sketch #5 – Guitar
22: Sketch #6 – Piano
23: Sketch #7 – Piano 

24: Hanging On A Star
25: Rider On The Wheel
26: Black Eyed Dog
27: Tow The Line

28: I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
29: Full Fathom Five 
30: With My Swag All On My Shoulder 

31: The Commissioner, He Come 
32: Dark And Devil Waters

01-03: Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. July – December 1968. Engineered by John Wood. Early, rejected takes. 
       Orchestra arranged and conducted by Richard Hewson. 

04-06: Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. July – December 1968. Engineered by John Wood. 

07:    Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. November 11, 1968. Engineered by John Wood.     

08-11: The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden. 1968. 

12-15: Hampstead, London. 1968/1969. 

16-23: The ‘Work Tape’. Possibly recorded at The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden. 1968. 

24/27: Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. July 1974. Produced by Joe Boyd and John Wood. Guitar track only. 

25/26: Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. February 1974. Produced by Joe Boyd and John Wood. Guitar track only. 

28-30: The “Interplay One” Educational Toolkit album, released by Longman (Mono LG 582 241367). Unknown studio. 
       Recorded late 1971, released early 1972.

31/32: The Mick Audsley album “Dark and Devil Waters” released by Sonet Records (SNTF 641), 1972. 
       Produced and arranged by Robert Kirby and Mick Audsley. Recorded at Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London.


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