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 The Rolling Stones are dominating the new release news today with three new silvers on the “no label” label, one of the best Stones labels.  Brown Sugar & White Snow is a 2CD set with vinyl transfers of two old titles, Brown Sugar & White Snow and 100 Years Ago.  This covers parts of two shows, October 9th, 1973 Essen and Munich, Germany September 28th, 1973 (2nd show) on disc one and the September 1st, 1973 Vienna show sourced from an audience and sounboard tape. 

Smoking Stones is a copy of the old vinyl by the same name with the songs from the July 9th, 1975 Los Angeles show and with various newscasts. 

Live At The LA Memorial Coliseum ’81 covers the October 9th, 1981 Los Angeles show.

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  1. Strange that no labels have bothered to release the Essen Oct 9th show on silver before. Only available on vinyl up till now. It’s an OK recording, so I’ve wondered why DAC/VGP never tried to earn money on it – since it’s such a popular tour and all.

    The “Smoking Stones” release. Smoking recording and smoking performance. Suitable title. Kindly shared by a person who owned the vinyls in mint condition, at a message board. And later uploaded to DIME by another fellow. I’d be surprised if this is a different vinyl rip.

    Welcome releases by the “no label”, at least for the “silver collectors”.

    However, this “no label”‘s releases costs the very same as DAC releases. Not a good policy of the label, as most people are not willing to pay that much for CDs these days, neither official nor unofficial CDs.

  2. Small correction to the 1st one: It’s not the Vienna show but the Munich tracks that are sourced from an audience and sounboard tape. Vienna is audience only.


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