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News and new releases

The Godfather has several interesting new releases coming out.  Bob Dylan The Magical Mystery Caravan (GR 433) contains on one disc the Dylan portion of the Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Connecticut show on November 11, 1975. 

The Rolling Stones  Olympia ’65 – Satisfaction & Beyond (GR 434) contains four 1965 radio broadcasts (four BBC and one French radio) on one disc. 

Bruce Springsteen A Star Is Born(GR 435/436) is a two disc set with the Palace Theater, Providence, RI concert on July 20th, 1975.  This is the opening night of the Born To Run tour and is sourced from the excellent Lampinski tape. 

Muse  Rise Up(GR 437) is a one disc soundboard recording from Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany, September 7, 2009. 

Rainbow Dayton Rising(Rising Arrow-032) has Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio from 22nd June 1976. 

Rising Power UK (Rising Arrow-033) has September 7th and 8th, 1976 on four discs. 

On Apocalypse Sound, Bruce Springsteen Hyde Park Calling (AS 178) has Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London, UK, June 28, 2009. 

Neil Young Festivals 2009 (AS 179) has three 2009 telecasts. 

And Michael Jackson Don’t Hide Our Love (AS 180) has the July 2009 German TV rebroadcast of the Munich, Germany, Olympic Stadium shows of June 4 & 6, 1997.  

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  1. The Dylan will probably be an exact copy of:

  2. The Springsteen G.R. release and the No Label release should make for an interesting comparison.

  3. thank you Bjarke! i don’t own the show anyway so it’ll still be great to hear regardless of missing tracks.

  4. Stuart, this release does NOT contain “When I Paint My Masterpiece” or “It Ain’t Me Babe”.

  5. the “Magical Mystery Caravan”? a wild name i ever i heard one .. can anyone confirm this is the first time that the two show openers will be available from a soundboard?

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