Volume 2 of HMCs MMT series is announced!

Following the fantastic 2 x DVD set from a couple of months ago, the second release has already been announced.

‘The Ultimate Mystery Trip Vol. 2 – The Magic Continues’ is another 2 DVD set split between two sections. The first disk is music, trims and other assorted paraphernalia from the shoot – This continues the theme from the first set including various scenes from the film, all footage that seems to have been drafted in from a large stash, all previously unseen and unreleased. There also features two different trailers made for promotion and mini documentaries.

The second DVD, titled ‘The originals’, features the film with two different soundtracks – One taken from the laser disk from 1988 with it’s George Martin stereo remixed soundtrack, the other is the mono re-broadcast on the BBC in 1979.

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