Slipknot – Big Days Out (Apocalypse Sound AS52)


Big Days Out (Apocalypse Sound AS52)

Big Day Out Festival, Sydney Australia January 26, 2005
01. Sic, 02. The Blister Exists, 03. Disasterpiece, 04. Eyeglass, 05. Pulse of The Maggots, 06. Heretic Dream, 07. Duality, 08. Spit It Out, 09. People = Shit, 10. Surfacing.

Rock Am Ring Festival, Nurburgring Eifel, Germany June 3, 2005
01. Heretic Dream, 02. Duality, 03. Spit It Out, 04. People = Shit, 05. Get This, 06. Wait and Bleed, 07. Surfacing

Slipknot is an onslaught of the senses.  There’s no one that come come remotely close to the overall heaviness and groove of this band.  This DVD serves up a platter of pure adrenaline.  I’m very surprised this DVD did not cause my head to explode.  Clocking in at just over 2 hours this DVD contains perfect quality Pro Shot footage of 2 different festival sets from Slipknot.

First up is their appearance at the 2005 Big Day Out Festival in Sydney, Australia.  70 minutes of raw power sums this performance up.  It had been 5 years since the band had been to Australia and they mean business.  There is no mercy allowed.  10 songs are featured from this show and all are featured with perfect sound and perfect stereo soundboard audio.

Next we have Slipknot’s set from the 2005 Rock Am Ring Festival with was part of a Rockpalast broadcast.  This set takes place during the evening which allows for a stunning light show on stage.  This adds to the overall spookiness of the band.  Again the overall quality is a 10 both visually and audibly.  The songs in the set never let up and I found it very hard to keep still on the couch and not mosh around in my living room while watching this release.

This release from Apocalypse Sound will leave you drained with no energy left to do anything else.  This is by far the heaviest release yet and well worth the time to watch.  Slipknot is an enigma and this release does well to capture the band in all their glory laying every other band to waste.  The artwork features a ton of color live pics of the band on stage and looks professional.  This DVD is packaged in Apocalypse Sound’s standard tri-fold packaging.  Do yourself a favor and pick this release up.  You will be forever changed.

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