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Bob Dylan – With Your Host Bob Dylan (no label)


With Your Host Bob Dylan (no label)

Box 1: CDs 1-10
Box 2: CDs 11-20

With Your Host Bob Dylan are the first two of a projected series covering the entirety of Bob Dylan’s XM radio show Theme Time Radio Hour! Boxes one and two cover the first twenty shows, beginning with May 3, 2006 with the theme “weather” and running through to the September 13, 2006 show “musical map.” The sound quality on all of the discs is uniformly professional and excellent. The discs are housed in plastic sleeves contained in a thick cardboard box and each set has a booklet. For the first set the booklet is a simple track listing, but the second contains photos and summaries of some of the artists along with the track listing. The CDs themselves, pressed silver, fit the theme of the collection very well. A detailed track listing and discussion of the contents of each show already exists and can be found at the Bob Dylan Fan Club. For the many who do not have satellite radio, this is an excellent sounding and produced resource by a nameless label. (GS)

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