Dylan copyright collection ’65 on DVD audio.

Missed out on the 18 CD Dylan Bootleg Series box / 1965 50th anniversary collection and it’s accompanying download? Then someone out there has the answer.

Cover Dylan 65 Live1

Being released soon on a single DVD audio disk, the whole 208 track download (Offered to purchasers of the boxed set as a download shortly before the new year) is being released in a hard media format for those of us that collect and at a much less prohibitive price than buying them on separate CDs or purchasing the Sony released boxed set for it.

Cover Dylan 65 Live

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  1. Please – can we get this right!!!
    DVD-Audio holds lossless content.
    This is Audio on DVD-Video, and even worse than that it is Dolby Digital, which is a 12:1 lossy compression codec. You may as well buy MP3

    • No point on pressing it on cd as the source files are MP3, there is a 14 cd box set around made from the MP3 files I would rather buy the audio dvd and keep the rest of my cash to buy more titles.


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