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New Dylan releases on Crystal Cat

The phrase ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better ..’ springs to mind.

The venerable Crystal Cat label return with two brand new Bob Dylan releases – The first, a more regular release features a new CC recording from the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware on the 17th of June, 2017. A 2 CD set covering the full show from the evening plus 3 bonus tracks from 2016’s tour.

The second release is the kicker – Hands down one of the best productions that you’ll see this or any other year. From two shows played at the Waterfront in Stockholm on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2017 – the shows are presented in a long wooden box, decorated with the colours of Dylan’s latest tour and trimmed inside with velvet. It’s a quality production topped off with an extra bonus disk of Dylan’s, skin of the deadline, acceptance speech for his nobel prize for literature. You’re gonna want to have this set!

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  1. do you remember that Bruce set from the Cat, with one cd mispressed ? cant remember which title it was…When i bought it years ago, i’d never known that i had a wrong pressing in my possesion. ( I’ve bought a lot of Cats, not for the musical intend, as my personal taste is more heavh rock based, but bought the Cat’s catalogue becasue of its more than breathtaking productions. The booklets, the sounds, the smell of the discs, the amazing cd picture discs, later on ive met one of the Cats personal friends who offered me the total catalogue until then….suprisingly i saw the title i’d already had, but with an extra added disc…that one was the good pressing/ replace disc – so 4 discs – . Now i wonder, how did anyone who bought that set with the mispressed discs on a fe record fair, underground shop, or by mailorder could get a replacement from the Cat?

    • I don’t recall that one .. Unless you know a duty bound dealer who is willing to be fair – both in price and service, then I guess you could blow your luck goodbye. I have received replacements before (For disks I’ve had no problems with) but also lost out on CDs (Generally CDRs) from dealers who should know better but seem to vanish once you need them to sort out their dealings.
      CC rightly remain because of their astonishing productions – There have been a few pixelated pictures creeping in sometimes which irks me but other than that, the production quality for this new wooden box is stunning.

  2. thanks Stu, strange that it comes apart…

  3. yep, i like to have this set..but when will it be available?

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