Radiohead – God Loves His Children (Godfather Records GR291)

God Loves His Children (Godfather Records GR291)

Tracks 1-9 Festival Daydream, Parc del Forum de Barcelona, Spain
June 12, 2008
Tracks 10-17 BBC Radio Theater, London, UK April 1, 2008 (Evening Concert)

01. Bodysnatchers, 02. Nude, 03. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, 04. Faust Arp, 05. Videotape, 06. Reckoner, 07. Jigsaw Falling Into Place, 08. House of Cards, 09. Bangers & Mash, 10. Bodysnatchers, 11. All I Need, 12. Nude, 13. Airbag, 14. The Tourist, 15. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, 16. Lucky, 17. Everything In It’s Right Place

Radiohead is by far one of the best bands around and this release documents this fact.  Not only do they release groundbreaking music but they perform that music just as well live.  Their live prowess cannot be denied.  Godfather has pulled together two great performances and put them both on one CD.  The audio quality of both are excellent and all of the instruments are well represented in the mixes.

Godfather Records has packaged this release in their standard Tri-Fold packaging.  The many pictures of the band do well to represent the overall mood of their music.  A wise man once said “The mind is like a parachute, it only works when open!”.  Do yourself a favor and open your mind up to Radiohead if you haven’t done so already.  Let this release act like the catalyst to open your mind up to something different.  Take my word on this, “God Love’s His Children” is a release worth checking out.  You will thank me later.

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  1. Very good set this one..Godfathers very first release was a Radiohead album which I bought a while back. This one is of course much later but has superb sound throughout..I love trawling through these excellent reviews on this site.


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