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A new Led Zeppelin tape hits the streets…

Led Zeppelin – Glasgow 1972 1st Night (no label) is a 3CD set of the recently unearthed recording from Green’s Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland on December 3rd, 1972.

The Graf Zeppelin label is releasing there version as Glasgow 1972 First Night (Graf Zeppelin LZSC-1203A/B/C).

…and of course, Empress Valley have two versions out now (not shown) as Pop Gets Tied Up, a standard 3CD version in a jewel case and a 5CD box also containing the following night. Stay tuned…I am certain that we haven’t heard the last word on this one yet!

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  1. I have a copy of the EV title on order, I went for their version as the first 3 discs are from 12/3/72 first night, the second 2 discs are the 12/4/72 show. The sound it a bit distant yet very clear and enjoyable. This hit the internet a few weeks ago, be interesting to hear how EV has mastered it….review to follow.

    Also EV just release the alternate audience source for 4/28/77 second night in Cleveland, I just received this title as well but have not had a chance to compare to the original upload.

    Nice to see new sources appearing after all these years

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